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theEweekly Wrap: Canadians, copycats and kids

Just say noGoogle was in trouble with the law this week after it emerged that illegal products were being promoted through its AdWords PPC system. The US Department of Justice (DoJ) was investigating adverts promoting Canadian pharmacies; companies that illegally ship prescription drugs into the US. By using methods such as bidding on misspellings of popular drugs, pharmacies could circumvent Google's restrictions and make their ads appear in ..
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theEweekly Wrap: links, livestreaming and lexicography

Google suggestsAs well as the small matter of acquiring Motorola Mobility, Google made a few changes to its search services this week. First, there was the release of the Google Related bar. This Chrome Extension pops up at the bottom of the screen, providing the user with recommendations based on the site or page they are currently viewing. With suggestions including other sites, YouTube videos, Maps and reviews, it could bring a whole new ..
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The reign of Apple continues

Apple and its fanatics

As Apple fans are whipped into hysteria at the mere mention of a new product, it is little wonder that Apple is leading within both the tablet and smartphone markets. The throngs of people, who queue for days at Apple launches, salivating over an upcoming product, suggest that Apple has become more than just a brand to its consumers. As followers eat, drink and sleep Apple, and even embark on pilgrimages to the stores, it ..
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theEweekly Wrap: Riots, rivalry and the revamped 9-1-1

BBM faces blame...Those who organised this week's riots through BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) may soon be held to account, as manufacturer RIM has vowed to co-operate with police to identify culprits. In response, a group calling itself Team Poison hacked the RIM blog on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Brandwatch research revealed that mentions of BlackBerry on Twitter increased by five times at the peak of the disorder, but 24 per cent of those mentions were ..
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The fractured identity of the Twitter and Facebook user

Everyday use of social networks

Social networks have become an integral aspect of daily life as many people log onto such sites as Facebook and Twitter to update their profile, chat with friends and catch up on peoples’ activities.

However, the Oxford University academic Baroness Greenfield, a professor of pharmacology, has said that these social sites may actually be detrimental. She states that such tasks as checking emails, going on ..
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theEweekly Wrap: Patents, smartphones and Nein to tagging

Tagging VerbotenThe data protection authority in Germany has written to Facebook demanding that it stop gathering facial recognition of German citizens. The social network rolled out a facial recognition photo tagging feature in June 2011, causing something of a stir. This week, Johannes Caspar of the German government has threatened the site with a fine of £262,000 if the data is not deleted immediately. He said: "Should Facebook maintain the ..
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Why complete an internship in marketing?

These days, getting into a career in marketing is no mean feat. An increasing number of graduates are deciding that an internship is the perfect way to get a foot in the door, pick up some skills, and enhance their CV. We caught up with Hannah Vince after her first week as an intern at theEword.

After my recent graduation, numerous people would queue up to tell me, "the world is your oyster". I, on the hand, felt quite the opposite. Equipped only ..

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