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Introducing Google Pigeon


Google has unveiled a new algorithm update aimed at improving local search results. Informally named ‘Pigeon’, its effects are already being felt by US site owners.

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Google SWOT Analysis: It’s All Mobile

With a dramatic reduction in the average Cost Per Click, a big increase in UK search volume but their lowest market share for five years, it’s been and up-and-down 12 months for Google.

theEword CEO Al Mackin reviews some of the good and bad news surrounding the search engine, including their ownership of the mobile marketing space and the challenge that stems from mobile advertisers.

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UK search focus: January


Find out what the UK has been searching for on Google in January, including snow, schools, cancelled flights, reality TV and HMV.

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More travel choices from Google


Google Hotel Finder and Google Flight Search have been around for a while without making a big splash – but changes in 2012 and more in the pipeline may see it compete more seriously with Expedia and similar travel search staples.

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There are two inevitabilities in life: death and taxes, so for job security start an undertaking or accountancy business. The demise of electrical retailer Comet has led to the latter being busy, both on the side of the administrators and those who are interested in purchasing the brand. The challenge facing all parties is how […]

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UK search focus: November

A look at the UK’s Google habits in November shows how much of the interest was given to celebrity stories throughout the month, while the arrival of Black Friday signalled a number of retail-related searches.

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What’s your map app of choice?


With the iPhone community receiving a boost following the launch of the iPhone 5, will users wait for Apple Maps to settle down and learn from its mistakes, stick with old favourite Google Maps or try Nokia’s Here?

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Microsoft releases quick fire messaging app: Skype Qik Wednesday 15th of October, 2014by Martin Lindley Microsoft launches Skype Qik, a new instant messaging service which allows users to send video clips to their friends and family.

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Google confirms first Penguin update for over a year Monday 20th of October, 2014by James Riches Google has confirmed that the Penguin algorithm was updated over the weekend. Site owners now face an anxious wait to see if they have been affected, either positively or negatively.

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Google acquires Firebase Wednesday 22nd of October, 2014by Dan Moores Google has acquired Firebase, a cloud service company that allows developers to build web and mobile apps quickly and easily, as well as store and sync data in realtime.

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theEword - 2 days ago

This Wizard of Oz-inspired wearable lets you click your heels to order a taxi or text your friends

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theEword - 3 days ago

We're looking for a Marketing Manager to join our business development team. Interested? Read more here:

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theEword - 3 days ago

In case you missed it, Google updated its #Penguin algorithm over the weekend

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theEword - 3 days ago

Hope everyone has a great week!

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theEword - 3 days ago

The iPhone is now the perfect smartphone

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theEweekly Wrap: 3 Oct Friday 3rd of October, 2014by Dan Moores

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theEweekly Wrap: 10 Oct Friday 10th of October, 2014by Martin Lindley This week: Facebook gets hyperlocal ads, Microsoft CEO has gender pay trouble, and comedy club starts pay per laugh system.

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theEweekly Wrap: 17 Oct Friday 17th of October, 2014by Dan Moores theEweekly Wrap: Google readies Android 5.0, HBO plans streaming service, and U2 says sorry

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