About BOGOF Bingo

BOGOF Bingo was founded and launched in 2009, becoming one of the first online bingo sites to offer players a comprehensive, catch-free and reputable buy one get one free bingo service. The site takes its name from the popular promotion which runs in bingo clubs around the UK, although it is the first online bingo site whose offering is entirely dedicated to the promo, with every other game on BOGOF Bingo being free of charge.

As well as buy one get one free bingo, the site offers daily free bingo sessions, along with chat features and side games, all of which have seen it built up a strong following in its first year (helped by the online marketing support provided by theEword, of course).

BOGOF Bingo made a splash on the internet and TV screens when it screened a hilarious launch campaign featuring Britain's Got Talent star DJ Talent. The ad, made by Unit Communications, showed the rapper reprising his talent show appearance with the new line "You say BOGOF, I say Bingo!"

theEword conducted viral marketing for the campaign, transmitting the video across a number of social media and bookmarking sites including Facebook, YouTube and MySpace. In addition, a DJ Talent Bingo Twitter page was set up to promote the clip and the site, gaining hundreds of followers and subsequent referrals.

theEword has provided static copy, news and blog content for BOGOF Bingo since it launched, along with ongoing search engine optimisation, online and social media marketing.

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