About Boutique Linen

Boutique Linen is an e-commerce site that brings luxury bed and bath linen, usually only found in top-class hotels, to the consumer market.

UK linen trade supplier Richard Haworth developed Boutique Linen to enable people to get the very best products for their own homes. Established in 1876, Richard Haworth has forged a reputation for offering high-quality, customer-driven service, tailoring products for every need.

The company has provided top hotels across the globe with premium bed and bath linen, as well as supplying restaurants, events, airlines and cruise ships.

Richard Haworth appointed theEword to run Boutique Linen's SEO campaign, boosting search engine ranks to drive traffic and streamlining the site layout to increase conversion rates. This involved work across our marketing, content and design and development departments.


Boutique Linen

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