About Kerching Mobile

Kerching Mobile brings the very best in mobile casino gaming to your mobile phone, allowing gamers to be able to play anywhere and at any time.

A subsidiary of Barcrest Group Limited and operated by the International Gaming Technology Group, Kerching Mobile is the leader in mobile entertainment. Its gaming catalogue includes top titles such as Elvis Top 20 and Rainbow Riches, with new games being released all the time.

What's more, Kerching Mobile offers free downloads of its titles, meaning players only pay for what they gamble on the site. A unique tournament system set up by the mobile site allows players to pick up amazing prizes by simply wagering a £1 or £1.50 entry fee.

theEword provides Kerching Mobile with website content such as news and game-rundown pages, in addition to marketing services such as pay-per-click campaigns. In order to achieve top-quality results, theEword works closely with Kerching and offers complete transparency in all its projects.


Kerching Mobile

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