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Why Were Different

theEword is not like other digital agencies. When you choose to work with us, you’re not just signing away a project to be handled externally (and accepting the loss of control that entails); you’re entering into a working relationship with one of the North West’s most innovative and driven online marketing teams.

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You’ve been given the job of finding a digital agency capable of upping your company’s web profile and improving its e-commerce results. What do you do? Hire a company that makes blithe guarantees but offers no transparency and ultimately no accountability; or choose a team that works as hard for you as they do for themselves?

Unique service

We believe it’s better to offer an excellent service to a select number of clients than provide an average one to many. All of our techniques and services are specially tailored to suit your company’s requirements. We won’t just apply a set of standard methods to your project and hope for the best, we’ll determine the most effective way of achieving results in your field.

Our bespoke approach is the result of in-depth research and a desire to understand as much as possible about our clients’ industries and needs.

Unprecedented access

theEword provides an unparalleled level of transparency, offering full accountability at all times. We not only welcome your input, but – by the very nature of the integrated business relationship we offer – we also thrive on it. We believe that working closely with clients is the best way to achieve the results they desire.

Regular meetings with our directors and account managers, along with a clear and open reporting process, ensure that you can always keep track of how we are performing. Updates on campaign performance are delivered at a schedule that suits you.


Enlisting theEword’s services gives you access to over 20 years’ combined experience, and plenty of time in which to use it. And because all of our young, vibrant team have backgrounds in digital and new media, we’re experts in the field.

Our directors are in the office every day and form the linchpins of our company. Their breadth and depth of knowledge and hands-on approach guarantees that you’ll have our most experienced people working on your project. theEword’s directors and account managers are never more than a click or call away, and they are always able to help.

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