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There are billions of mobile, smartphone and iPhone users out there - but how will they know about your mobile presence, and who will manage your mobile brand?

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Mobile internet is becoming an increasingly important arena for businesses. As a sales and advertising channel, marketing through mobile phones remains a relatively untapped source. Now, though, an increasing number of companies are looking to establish their own mobile presence, either with display or pay per click advertising or by setting up a dedicated mobile website. And the shift, it seems, is with good reason.

Research from the Internet Advertising Bureau throws up some figures which should be of interest to any company considering a mobile presence:

Mobile Marketing Infographic
  • Advertising aimed at mobile phone users grew by 32 per cent in the past year alone
  • Mobile pay per click (PPC) now accounts for more than half of all advertising on phones
  • Mobile advertising is growing year-on-year, while traditional channels are shrinking

"Consumers are driving it, really. Consumer usage of mobile media has increased rapidly over the last few years. Twenty-three per cent of all time spent accessing the internet is done on a mobile device."
Jon Mew, head of mobile at the Internet Advertising Bureau

The time is right to get involved.

We're just as excited about getting to grips with this new medium as you are. Our mobile specialists can help tailor your campaigns to reach a whole new audience, giving you access to fresh, growing sales channel.

Mobile SEO

The core principles of SEO, or search engine optimisation, are the same on mobiles as they are on standard websites. Google wants to see sites which are relevant, updated and trustworthy. Of course, the key difference in mobile SEO is that you are given less space to work with, meaning the optimisation process must be even more refined than usual.

Our team has a firm understanding of the requirements of mobile marketing, having worked with the medium over a period of several years. The process by which we optimise websites for mobile takes into account the different needs of the format - we don't just port full sites onto handsets, but instead produce a bespoke, refined solution.

Mobile PPC

Search marketing, or pay per click, on mobile handsets and devices such as the iPhone is booming. In the past 12 months, the market grew by 41 per cent to be worth £20.2million. Mobile PPC now makes up more than half the advertising activity on mobile phones.

Our experts understand that people use search differently on mobiles than they do when sat at a computer. With less time for idle browsing, the majority of searches are informational - concerned with finding out facts quickly and efficiently. With this in mind, we tailor our mobile PPC campaigns to display adverts around a different sort of search, with the benefit of this increased targeting being a reduction of waste on terms people are unlikely to look for via mobile.

Mobile Development

In the mobile arena, size matters. Even the iPhone, which has one of the biggest screens on the market, offers just 3.5-inches (480 x 320 pixels) for designers to work with. Again, there is little value in merely porting over a standard website - users would struggle to gain anything from it without the aid of a magnifying glass, as the screenshot on the right demonstrates. Our development team takes extra care to ensure that mobile sites look good on a range of handsets. As with SEO, the reduction in available space means that any content must be refined even further so as to still transmit the core message in a more succinct way. The streamlined effect is shown below left.

Mobile Marketing Screenshots

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