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Pitching your press release a line-by-line email guide

Knowing how to pitch your press release by email is a vital skill for any press officer. Journalists can receive dozens of leads every day so it’s important for you to do everything within your power to stand out from the crowd. In fact, for all the effort you’ve put in, it may only take them a couple of seconds to decide whether or not to run with your press release. Modern journalism is all about speed.

Next time you prepare to send press releases to the media, take a minute to ask whether the accompanying email is up to standard. Does your email highlight the most newsworthy parts of your press release? Is it too wordy? And does it do anything that might put off journalists?

To help you avoid the most common mistakes, I’ve created this line-by-line guide to pitching your press release. I hope it helps.

I should add that many successful press officers take a very different approach to press release pitches. There is plenty of room for creativity – after all, your ultimate goal is catching a journalist’s imagination and there are a million different ways of doing that.

What next?

So now you know how to pitch the perfect press release, what about actually writing the perfect press release? Lucky for you, we explain how in this blog.

You can also download our free press release template by popping your details in the form below:

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