Mobile marketing marches on with 3G

Thu 27th of August 2009, filed under Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing takes next step

Mobile marketing has long been identified as the next major frontier for marketers to tackle and now it may finally be making headway in a key area.

This week, phone company 3 revealed it has signed up directory service as its first ever dashboard advertising partner for its mobile services.

The deal means ads will appear every time users of the 3G specialist load up the internet on their phones - or through mobile broadband dongles - which it is thought could enable them to reach more than a million customers.

Neil Andrews, head of advertising at 3 UK, said that the initiative is part of a long-term project to start?providing innovative advertising space on mobil?.

?This new opportunity presents brands with the opportunity of getting in front of a large target audience in a bold and visible manner? he added.

3G mobile marketing

Despite being one of the largest mobile operators in the UK, 3 UK has a smaller subscriber base than rivals 02, Vodafone, T-Mobile and Orange.

It specialises in providing 3G, which offers faster data rates than traditional networks? meaning it can support higher performance video calls and mobile broadband.

All eyes in the mobile marketing industry will now be on 3G to see what profits can be made from mobile dashboard ad space.

Moreover, marketing experts will be interested to learn whether or not it has an adverse impact on user satisfaction levels.

Some industry commentators have already expressed scepticism that customers will be willing to receive more marketing on their mobile, particularly when adverts appear every time services are accessed.

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