Search engines alter page design

Fri 3rd of July 2009, filed under Design

Bing changes design to accommodate real time search feature

The Microsoft search engine Bing has altered its design layout to accomodate real time search results from Twitter. The new design now includes updates from prominent members of the Twitter community.

Bing users searching for Twitter accounts should now see profiles and messages from individuals included in the results.

A post on the official Bing blog said:

"W?re not indexing all of Twitter at this tim? just a small set of prominent and prolific Twitterers to start. We picked a few thousand people to start, based primarily on their follower count and volume of tweets. We think this is an interesting first step toward using Twitte?s public API to surface Tweets in people search."

Google alters design after A/B testing

Meanwhile, Google has altered the design of its logo in order to increase the space available for search results. The iconic Google image has been reduced in size to accommodate for extra padding between the border and query results.

The move comes after Google ran extensive A/B testing on three different search page designs last year. A/B testing evaluates the user conversion rate on pages with slightly different layouts.

Marissa Ann, vice president of search product and user experience, said at the time:

"On the Web in general, (creating sites) is much more a design than an art. You can find small differences and mathematically learn which is right."
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