Doritos Super Bowl ad breaks 25-year record

Thu 11th of February 2010, filed under Internet News

Super Bowl ad overtakes M*A*S*H

The record for the world's most watched TV ad has been smashed after more than 25 years.

Doritos' Snack Attack Samurai, which aired in the US on Sunday, February 7th 2010, was seen by an estimated 116.2 million TV viewers, according to digital marketing analysts The Nielsen Company. The previous record-holder was an ad during the season finale of comedy classic M*A*S*H in 1983, which was viewed by 108.9 million people.

Doritos' Snack Attack Samurai appeared in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLIV between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints. Several technology companies also performed well in the viewing stakes. An Electronic Arts video to promote the game Dante's Inferno was the third most watched ad in the match, while domain name registrar Go Daddy's TV Anchor came in at number 12 and Google's Parisian Love was 25th. In total, there were 73 TV ads in Super Bowl XLIV.

Online marketing means added exposure

Pat McDonough, senior vice president for insights and analysis at The Nielsen Company, explained that these brands will enjoy further exposure through online marketing. "The Super Bowl remains the single largest television platform for marketers," he said. "And with Super Bowl advertisers adding thousands? if not millions? of commercial views through online and social media exposure, they are able to extend their multi-million dollar investments beyond the game itself."

In recent months, Google has been heavily marketing itself through traditional media channels. Both Chrome and Google Enterprise have been promoted on UK display advertising billboards. This marks a significant change in approach for the company, which has previously relied on word-of-mouth and below-the-line marketing.

Below is Doritos Snack Attack Samurai? the most watched TV ad of all time:

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