Vodafone and Foursquare complete deal

Thu 4th of March 2010, filed under Mobile Marketing

Vodafone becomes a mayor in Foursquare

Popular social network Foursquare has announced a partnership with Vodafone UK. The location-based game, which lets users broadcast their whereabouts to friends, will be promoted on Vodafone's MyWeb and Live! portals.

The deal will also allow Vodafone customers to request a link to the Foursquare WAP site by texting 'FOURSQUARE' to 97866.

Founded in 2009, Foursquare gives its members the opportunity to 'check in' to venues, such as bars, clubs and coffee shops, across the country. Players earn badges for repeatedly visiting the same location and 'mayoral' titles are awarded to those who frequent the same establishment more often than another user.

While the deal between the site and Vodafone doesn't offer existing Foursquare players any exclusive content, industry commentators have speculated that the partnership will vastly increase the social site's exposure and popularity.

Industry reacts to Foursquare-Vodafone deal

Writing on social media news site Mashable, Jennifer Van Grove said that the deal would benefit the relatively new application.

"While the new relationship does?t appear to add any juicy extras or content to the service, i?s still a major coup for the relatively underground start-up," she said.

"What Vodafone UK can offer Foursquare is massive mobile distribution and an introduction of the social media service to millions of potential new users."

Evan Cohen, the general manager of Foursquare, said the company had approached 'all major carriers and handset manufactures in the U.S. and aboard.' He stated that more deals were expected in the future.

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