Foursquare opens store for fans

Wed 11th of August 2010, filed under Social Media

Location-based social game Foursquare has taken the decision to open a dedicated online store. The shop, which was revealed on Tuesday, sells a range of Foursquare memorabilia for fans of the social network.

The Foursquare team announced the store yesterday on its official blog, stating that the geo-tagging company had big plans for its official outlet:

"In the future, we hope the store will make it possible for us to do a lot of really cool thing?like tying badge unlocks to real-life swa?so you can show off your foursquare accomplishments"

At present, fans of the social network, which sees members 'check into' locations for points and achievements, can purchase a variety of different items, including t-shirts and badges.

Writing on, Matt Brian said of the scheme:

"Many Foursquare users had requested the T-Shirts that the team would be wearing in official photos, these have been added to the store, providing a small revenue stream for the Foursquare as it aims to bring location services to the masses."

Foursquare has been rapidly growing in popularity over the past six months, which accounts for the decision to open an online store. Indeed, the company has enjoyed rapid expansion, topping 1.3 million users in June, while the firm was also gifted a $20 million (£12.7m) investment package from an American investment group during the same month.

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