Google's Social Search is rolled out globally

Thu 19th of May 2011, filed under SEO

Google Social Search now available globally

Google has announced, on its new search blog, the global roll out of its service Social Search, which it has been trialling since 2009.

The function came into the public eye last week when Facebook attempted to smear its use of users data, suggesting it was unsafe. However, Google maintains that this is a safe and user friendly service.

When users search a particular topic, Google will give results based on their friends' posts? providing they have linked up their social networks to their Google account. For example, if a user searches for 'ponies' the results returned will include posts made by users' friends such as tweets, blogs or Facebook updates relating to or containing 'ponies'. This facility is only available when users log into their Google Account and the results are entirely tailor made to each individual.

The new concept is an example of Google's ongoing mission to bring users the most relevant and up-to-date information when they perform a search. Google Social Search will be available along with Google's many search tools including 'Wonder wheel' 'Related searches' 'Nearby' and 'Timeline'.

Inside Search? official Google Search blog

This global roll out was announced on Google's new search blog, a forum for Google to announce changes to its search options. An introduction to the blog proclaimed: "The thirst for knowledge is as old as humanity. It's only in the past decade that the Internet has made knowledge ubiquitous, and we [Google] want to help you find the answers yo?re looking for."

Google's main aim is to provide people with the best search results, but this new blog seeks to explain what is happening behind the scenes. 'Inside Search' will give regular insights into changes and updates in Google's search features and algorithms, and will also include stories from the people who work on improving Google's service.

This blog promises to be a valuable resource for people wanting to understand the intricacies of search, and hear about new changes as and when they happen. Although Google are unlikely to give away too many secrets, the blog could still enable a better understanding of SEO.

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