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Mon 3rd of August 2009, filed under Design

Revamped image search is launched

The highly-successful search engine, Google, has enhanced its image search facility.

This is good news for users who should now find picture searching faster and easier.

Whether users are looking for a photo of pink flowers, tranquil turquoise waters - or something more obscure - the?ll now be able to narrow their search in a matter of seconds.

The new feature takes the form of a drop-down panel. This appears on the left hand side of the Google search screen and allows users to specify the colour, size and type of image as follows:

This lets users select the image colours they desire. Search options include black and white, 'any colour' and 'full colour'. Alternatively, users can click on the individual palate boxes which feature a rainbow of twelve colours, with shades including red, green and purple.

As well as general size options such as small, medium and large, Google now allows users to specify image size. Pixel size can be stipulated, to include images in excess of 70 megapixels.

Googl?s?typ? option, allows users to request clipart, photo, face or line drawings in their image search.

The roll out of this revamped image search further asserts Google as the number one search engine on the web.

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