Google now owns 71 per cent of the US search market

Thu 8th of October 2009, filed under SEO

A new study has revealed that Google has captured over 70 per cent of the US search market.

Research from the internet data firm Experian Hitwise has discovered the search company accounted for 71 per cent of searches in America during September. It is the first time Google has surpassed 70 per cent of users.

Comparatively, rival search firms Yahoo and Bing dropped by a three and five per cent share respectively. The Ask search engine gained an eight per cent increase in users.

Disappointment for Yahoo and Bing

Arnold Zafra, correspondent for the popular SEO website Search Engine Journal, said Yahoo and Bing would be disappointed with the results of the survey.

"Another interesting thing to note is the fact that despite the decrease in their search shares, combining Bing and Yaho?s data still falls a little less than 50% of Google searches.

"The declining trend will certainly not help Bing and Yahoo to reach Googl?s level. In addition, Bin?s data include searches made on, and MSN Search but excluding those searches made on"

The survey also discovered a rise in the number of long-tail searches. The percentage of queries with five to eight words rose by two percent over September, while those with over eight words increased by six per cent. Searches with two, three and four words dropped by one per cent each.
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