The search engine Google is trialling the removal of local searches

Thu 2nd of July 2009, filed under SEO

Google removes local search

A number of SEO blogs have reported the removal of country-specific searches from the Google homepage. According to reports, the search engine has been trialling the removal of the local search radio buttons located under the search bar.

Instead of returning country-specific SERPs, the new trial brings up results from global searches. An added option at the bottom of the first page of results now offers users the option to show local websites. The trial has been documented in both the UK and South Africa.

Many SEO experts have questioned the move by Google.

One blogger said:

?The option by Google to change both of these certainly could significantly change results particularly where users rely on localising results. Whilst the UK market would probably only account for about 20% of searches (not official stats), what about mainstream Europe, places such as Belgium or Switzerland where countries may often have more than one language. Removing the obvious filter could have a significant impact on ease of use? one of the main things that I personally believe Google do better than any other mainstream search engine?

Google UK SERP controversy

Meanwhile, Google is facing increasing unrest from the UK SEO community after global websites continue to feature in UK search engine results. The issue, highlighted by theEword managing director Al Mackin, has resulted in a drop of rank for a number of sites based in the UK. The issue has also been reported in New Zealand and Australia.

One Twitter user said recently:

?UK SERPS getting more ridiculous: On one product query the first 10 on Google UK were all US results?
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