New apps for copywriting, keyword research and web data tracking

Thu 6th of May 2010, filed under PPC

Locating and understanding web data made easier

Google statistics service Google Analytics has announced a new gallery of applications which will allow users a variety of ways to view their websit?s data. The applications have been developed with the aim of extending Google Analytics and aim to aid marketers, analysts and SEO and IT teams by offering access to statistics in the form that is most relevant to their needs.

The 32 applications fall into 12 different categories including search optimization, business intelligence, campaign and content management, data collection, e-commerce, phone call tracking and widgets and gadgets. There is also an option for developers to publish new applications with the aim of extending the service even further.

The growing Google Analytics ecosystem

The announcement will surely come as welcome news to marketing and SEO professionals with many of the applications being tailored to these specific purposes. WordStream offers keyword management for PPC and SEO, both designed with the aim of making keyword research easier. Similarly the App Gallery offers the content creation tool WordStream SEO for Firefox which allows copywriters access to keyword research while creating content.

Google also provides an assortment of apps to work with different programs including Analyticator which automatically enables Google Analytics on any WordPress blog and Excellent Analytics which allows users to work with data in an Excel spreadsheet. All the apps are designed to be user friendly with a number dedicated to presenting the statistics via easy-to-understand-visuals.

Not content with improving the Analytics ecosystem, Google has also announced that it will be investing $38.8m (£25.6m) in two wind farms in North Dakota.?Through this $38.8 million investment, w?re aiming to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy? said Green Business Operations Manager Rick Needham on the official Google blog.?W?ve been looking at investments in renewable energy projects, like the one we just signed, that can accelerate the deployment of the latest clean energy technology while providing attractive returns to Google and more capital for developers to build additional projects?

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