Copywriting 'vital part of link-building strategy'

Thu 17th of September 2009, filed under Copywriting

The link-building benefits of copywriting

Copywriting has been identified as a vital component of an effective link-building strategy.

In a blog on SEOmoz, organic search specialist Rob Ousbey said quality content attracts external links that cannot be obtained by your business competitors, which he defined as the "most valuable links you can get".

Copy that is relevant and engaging may lead to external links from niche sites, he added, depending on how often they typically link and whether you select the most appropriate elements of your business to promote.

However, the "overwhelming influencer" shaping the success or failure of the link-building tactic is quality of content. "If you have the time/resource/motivation to do this? and do it better than your competitors? then you'll be able to count this tactic amongst your most valuable," he said.

Link-building and article sites

Mr Ousbey also gave advice about the common link-building practice of writing content with keyword- rich back links and publishing them on large article sites such as Apparently, this tactic should ensure unique links as long as you select sites that do not generally receive similarly-themed articles from industry competitors.

Earlier this month, companies were given some handy tips when outsourcing copywriting work.

Web expert Elliot J Silver urged businesses to enquire about the spare capacity of the copywriting team to check they have enough time to produce content to the desired standard. When grammatical and linguistic issues are spotted, he also recommended informing the content team as soon as possible to ensure copy maintains the same tone as the rest of the website.

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