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Mon 1st of August 2011, filed under Mobile Marketing

Google updates search engine layout for tablet users

Google is providing its users with an improved online experience as it updates the design of its search engine for tablets.

The team behind the Google Mobile Blog has written that the improvements to the search engine will?enhance the viewing experienc? for smaller screens. The search results pages have been simplified and the page content has increased in size so that tablet users can access speedy results on a page which is accessible in both landscape and portrait form.

Googl?s formula for improvement

Google continually updates its search engine in order to provide its users with a flawless online experience. The new tablet update is based on Googl?s three fundamental design principles: focus, elasticity and effortlessness. The company wants its users to receive results tailored to their specific needs on any sized screen. Google also aims to have a faultless search engine so that all individuals can access their search results with ease.

Mark Baker, online marketing manager at theEword, said:?Constant development and change is necessary for any online business. The evolution of Google is beneficial for the company as online users want to enjoy the best possible search engine?

The Google update is available in 36 different languages for iPads and tablets which run on Android 3.1+. While users will require the newest update for Android, the improved Google search engine can be used by any Apple iPad device.

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