New Windows OS 'Mango' has been revealed by Microsoft

Wed 25th of May 2011, filed under Mobile Marketing

Microsoft made up with 'Mango'

Microsoft has claimed there are even more apps with its new operating system (OS), which is due for release this autumn.

Microsoft has unveiled its next release of its Windows Phone operating system, code-named 'Mango', in a press conference led by Microsoft's president of mobile marketing communications, Andy Lees. The new OS will be available to all existing eligible Windows Phone customers for free when it goes on general sale later this year. Plans have also been revealed for Nokia to offer 'Mango' as it continues its strategic partnership with Microsoft.

Greg Sullivan, senior product manager of mobile communications for Microsoft, said at the press conference: "We wanted to stay true to the principles of Windows Phone 7? that software should get out of your way and quickly connect you to the things that matter most". The new system is largely focused on the ability to multitask with apps and features being easily accessible at all times.

Windows Phone making users appy

The key differentiator of 'Mango', when compared with other operating systems, is its smarter approach to apps. It offers more apps than before, with Microsoft claiming it surpasses BlackBerry maker RIM for mere number of apps available on the platform. The company also hopes to extend the app experience for users.

'Mango' presents a predictive system that allows it to guess user's actions and wants in order to offer a unique, sleek service. Social networking integration will come as standard with the software and will be interconnected with other features. So if a user wants to connect with a particular person their smartphone will search the networks to see where they are active online and indicate the best method of communication to connect with that specific person. Also, the intelligent software continually gives suggestions of what a user might need next. For example, if a user searches for a film on the web browser, it might then load a video app to enable them to watch a trailer, or a cinema app to allow them to book tickets.

This OS will enable Windows Phone to move into new markets and extend global reach as it also supports a range of additional languages.

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