Orange and T-Mobile to share mobile networks

Tue 7th of September 2010, filed under Mobile Marketing

Orange and T-Mobile in network sharing

Orange and T-Mobile customers will be able to instantly switch back and forth between the networks as part of their merger, it has been announced.

Everything Everywhere, the new company that runs the two mobile brands, has unveiled far-reaching plans to open up its mobile infrastructure. It means that consumers who lose a signal on their existing network will be automatically transferred to the other network if it still has coverage. This could enable them to continue making and receiving calls, texting and accessing the mobile web.

Signing up

The company's 30 million customers will need to sign up in order to gain access to the new enhanced service, which is due to begin on 5 October 2010. However, they will not have to pay any additional tariffs or call or text charges. The new service will be available to pay-as-you-go, pay monthly and business customers.

Tom Alexander, chief executive officer of Everything Everywhere, said: "This is the beginning of an ambitious plan to give our customers instant access to whatever they want, wherever they are? instant access to everything everywhere. From next month, we will give almost half of the British population the opportunity to use their phones in more places than ever before."

Orange and T-Mobile joined forces in September 2009 in a move that came as a surprise to many mobile marketing experts. Their parent companies France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom stated at the time that it would be a 50:50 partnership with a 37 per cent share of the UK mobile market.

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