New video from Motorola taunts iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab

Tue 21st of December 2010, filed under Mobile Marketing

Tablet Evolution

Motorola have released a video promoting their much-awaited new tablet, to be launched in early 2011. The video takes a tongue-in-cheek look at the evolution of the tablet, running from "Egyptian hieroglyphic tablet, 3200BC", through various historical examples, up to the offerings presented in 2010? namely the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab. At each example they make a comment on one positive thing about the tablet and then follow with a negative. For example: "Mayan Engraved Tablet, 500AD: Successful Latin American distribution ... but rumoured 2012 self-destruct feature."

The iPad and Galaxy tab were not immune to Motorola's jibes, with direct criticisms being levelled at both in the video, which runs through the 'Tablet Evolution' in a virtual museum setting. "iPad, 2010 AD: It's like a giant iPhone," Motorola say, before finishing, "but ... it's like a giant iPhone." They then move on to the Galaxy: "Galaxy Tab, 2010 AD: Android OS ... but Android OS for a phone." Which nicely summarises the key selling point of their own release? it will run on Android Honeycomb, a variant of Android OS that has been designed specifically for tablet use.

January Launch

Although the official name and look of the Motorola tablet have not been released, Google gave the world a glimpse of what to expect at the D: Dive Into Mobile event earlier this month, using a "prototype Motorola tablet" to demonstrate an early version of Honeycomb and the new Google Maps app. Google's Andy Rubin joked that the model he had with him at the time would cost 'literally $10,000' but there's been no confirmation of price on the retail model.

The video closes with a final shot of a museum plinth bearing the Motorola logo, with a covered tablet on top and the text 'CES 2011', hinting of a launch at the annual Consumer Electronic Show, held in Las Vegas between 6-9 January 2011.

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