Google News redesign launches in the US

Thu 1st of July 2010, filed under SEO

Google has introduced a range of features to its News section in an effort to make content more personalised. New elements in the redesign include a customisable stream of stories, titled 'News For You', and the ability to share groups of articles with other users via Buzz, Google Reader, Facebook or Twitter.

The announcement was made on Google's official blog this morning. The statement read:

"Ther?s an old saying that all news is local. But all news is personal to?we connect with it in different ways depending on our interests, where we live, what we do and a lot of other factors."

While the features are currently only available for US users, the global rollout of the new-look Google News section is expected to begin in the coming months. Once implemented, individuals will be able to tailor their stream of headlines to suit their tastes. Furthermore, readers will also be offered the chance to prioritise news sources, ranking stories from preferred publications above others.

The news about the update comes a week after an Italian newspaper revealed Google were working on a subscription-based payment model for news sites. The Italian daily La Repubblica discovered the search engine was releasing a payment system called Newspass, which would allow users to read 'paywalled' articles from a variety of publications using a single log-in. Many in the search sector described the plan as an 'olive branch' to the publishing industry, after Google was accused of profiting from third-party content.

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