• Lauren Knowles, Journalist Samsung to add iPhone 5 to US lawsuit
    Posted - 21st September 2012 in Mobile Marketing
    by Lauren Knowles, for theEword

    Samsung is set to launch a lawsuit against the iPhone 5, claiming that the new smartphone infringes a series of patents. This is the latest round in the continual legal battle between the two companies, which recently saw Apple receive $1bn in damages from Samsung.

  • Ben Dudley, Journalist New app combats drink driving
    Posted - 20th September 2012 in Mobile Marketing
    by Ben Dudley, for theEword

    A new smartphone app is launching which will replace the need for the 'designated driver'. Users can arrange a driver to take them home in their own vehicle.

  • Rachel Hand, Journalist Facebook tests mobile ads
    Posted - 19th September 2012 in PPC
    by Rachel Hand, for theEword

    Facebook is testing a mobile ad network, where profile data is used to target display ads. These ads appear on third party apps and sites while the user is logged into their account, meaning user experience on Facebook's own app is not affected.

  • Ben Dudley, Journalist Dragon novel written online in real time
    Posted - 18th September 2012 in Internet News
    by Ben Dudley, for theEword

    The author Silvia Hartmann is writing her new novel The Dragon Lords in a completely unique way, a Google Document open to the public for viewing as she writes in real time. This comes after the announcement of soaring e-book sales figures.

  • James Riches, Journalist Manchester named UK piracy capital
    Posted - 17th September 2012 in Internet News
    by James Riches, for theEword

    In a survey conducted by Musicmetric, Manchester was revealed to be the worst music piracy offenders in the UK, as more illegal downloads per person were registered than anywhere else in the country.

  • Rachel Hand, Journalist German court orders Android product recall
    Posted - 14th September 2012 in Internet News
    by Rachel Hand, for theEword

    A court in Munich has ruled that Motorola Mobility has infringed an Apple patent. Apple can now apply to implement a sales ban, and even recall the smartphones and tablets in Germany that infringe this patent, in another blow for Google and Android.

  • Ben Dudley, Journalist Details of iPhone 5 revealed
    Posted - 13th September 2012 in Mobile Marketing
    by Ben Dudley, for theEword

    Details of the iPhone 5 have been released at an Apple press conference in San Francisco, with updates including a larger screen, 4G capability and a new charging system. The iPhone 5 is crucial to the financial future of Apple, making this launch highly important.

  • Lauren Knowles, Journalist Yahoo to reduce its Alibaba stake
    Posted - 12th September 2012 in SEO
    by Lauren Knowles, for theEword

    Yahoo is set to make billions as Alibaba buys back 20 percent of its shares, halving its stake in the Chinese internet giant. Earlier this year, Yahoo and Alibaba Group reached a taxable deal. Sources suggest that the agreed buy back will take place soon.

  • Ben Dudley, Journalist 4G to arrive in the UK
    Posted - 11th September 2012 in Internet News
    by Ben Dudley, for theEword

    EE is ready to bring the first 4G capability to the United Kingdom, launching in 16 cities including Manchester by the end of 2012. This will improve broadband speeds by up to five times once implemented and will have a positive impact for millions of people across Britain.

  • James Riches, Journalist Nokia Lumia could be UK 4G exclusive
    Posted - 10th September 2012 in Mobile Marketing
    by James Riches, for theEword

    The arrival of 4G in the UK could be imminent, as rumours suggest that provider Everything Everywhere could be set to offer the service on Nokia's new Lumia 920 device.

  • Lauren Knowles, Journalist Microsoft and Google in Bing It On challenge
    Posted - 7th September 2012 in SEO
    by Lauren Knowles, for theEword

    Microsoft has launched Bing It On - its own version of the Pepsi Challenge. The new side-by-side search engine comparison aims to prove that people prefer Bing results over Google. Users are invited to search for a term and pick whether the right or left search results are best.

  • Ben Dudley, Journalist New technology set to radically change music
    Posted - 6th September 2012 in Internet News
    by Ben Dudley, for theEword

    A new music system called Bronze is the creation of artist Gwilym Gold. This innovative new idea evolves music to ensure that thanks to the cutting edge technology included, each song is radically different every time you listen to it.

  • Rachel Hand, Journalist Zuckerberg vows not to sell shares for one year
    Posted - 5th September 2012 in Social Media
    by Rachel Hand, for theEword

    Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced that he will not be selling his shares in the company for at least a year. The move comes as Facebook shares hit an all time low, after several high profile investors unloaded millions of shares.

  • Ben Dudley, Journalist Employers turn to robotic recruitment
    Posted - 4th September 2012 in SEO
    by Ben Dudley, for theEword

    Job recruitment techniques are changing and becoming increasingly high tech, as companies look to tackle the increasingly large numbers of applicants. These include programmes that put potential employees in a testing computer generated situation.

  • James Riches, Journalist Eye-controlled television unveiled
    Posted - 3rd September 2012 in Design
    by James Riches, for theEword

    A television operated by the human eye has been unveiled at Berlin's IFA trade show. It will allow users to bring up a menu by staring at the screen and choose what they want to do by moving their eyes and blinking.

  • Ben Dudley, Journalist New twist in the case of Apple v Samsung
    Posted - 31st August 2012 in Mobile Marketing
    by Ben Dudley, for theEword

    A court in Tokyo rules in favour of Samsung, stating that they did not copy Apple's intellectual property with the design of their smartphones. This comes just days after an American court ruled in favour of Apple.

  • Ben Dudley, Journalist Barack Obama responds to users of Reddit
    Posted - 30th August 2012 in Internet News
    by Ben Dudley, for theEword

    Barack Obama opened himself up for questioning from users of the internet, answering various queries for half an hour. He discussed everything from the difficult decisions of the war in Afghanistan to his favourite basketball player.

  • Ben Dudley, Journalist Blizzard blackout for Iranian gamers
    Posted - 29th August 2012 in Internet News
    by Ben Dudley, for theEword

    Blizzard has angered gamers in Iran this week by locking out thousands of users from titles including World of Warcraft. This has been blamed on legal circumstances and an increase on restrictions regarding international trade in America.

  • James Riches, Journalist Apple v Samsung - the fallout
    Posted - 28th August 2012 in Mobile Marketing
    by James Riches, for theEword

    Apple's victory over Samsung in their long-running patent trial has created an ugly aftermath. Both companies have hit out at the other in statements, while share prices have shifted accordingly. Here's what else to expect in the coming weeks.

  • James Riches, Journalist RoboWorld Cup grips UK fans
    Posted - 24th August 2012 in Internet News
    by James Riches, for theEword

    The RoboWorld Cup in Bristol has welcomed robots from 27 countries as they compete in events such as marathon running, weightlifting, football and wall-climbing. The sprint world record has been broken at the event by a machine from Singapore.

  • Rachel Hand, Journalist August 2012 search stats show gains for Google
    Posted - 23rd August 2012 in SEO
    by Rachel Hand, for theEword

    Visitor counter service StatCounter Global Stats has published the latest search engine market share data for the UK in August 2012. Again, Google is leading by a long way and has improved slightly on last month, while rival search engines remain weak.

  • James Riches, Journalist Companies target Paralympic ad spots
    Posted - 22nd August 2012 in Internet News
    by James Riches, for theEword

    Following the success of the London 2012 Olympics, it seems many companies are now seeing the Paralympics as a great chance to put their brand forward. Channel 4's television coverage has many advertising spots available, and around 50 businesses are thought to be bidding.

  • Rachel Hand, Journalist Apple becomes most valuable company ever
    Posted - 21st August 2012 in Internet News
    by Rachel Hand, for theEword

    Apple shares climbed to $644 on Monday, which sets the company's valuation at $623bn (£397bn). This makes Apple the most valuable company of all time, beating the record set by Microsoft during the 1999 tech boom.

  • James Riches, Journalist Google anti-piracy plan reaction
    Posted - 20th August 2012 in SEO
    by James Riches, for theEword

    Google's anti-piracy plans mean that any site which consistently attracts copyright infringement claims will be penalised on search results pages. However, owners of two of the sites set to be affected believe that their traffic will not suffer unduly as a result.

  • Richard Frost, Journalist Google Voice Search expands
    Posted - 17th August 2012 in SEO
    by Richard Frost, for theEword

    Google Voice Search can now support 42 languages, after another 13 were added. Android users can try out the new languages by downloading the free Google Play app. This expansion poses a significant threat to Apple's much-hyped voice recognition tool Siri.

  • James Riches, Journalist Apple and Samsung told to settle by judge
    Posted - 16th August 2012 in Design
    by James Riches, for theEword

    Apple and Samsung's patent trial has taken another twist as the judge tells them to try and reach a settlement. Lucy Koh advised the pair against letting the jury decide the outcome of their case, with both running out of time to cross-examine witnesses.

  • Richard Frost, Journalist Google dissects London 2012
    Posted - 15th August 2012 in SEO
    by Richard Frost, for theEword

    London 2012 was 'the most wired Games ever', according to Google. The search engine giant has published traffic figures showing a huge rise in Jamaican track and field searches and a significant spike in US swimming searches compared to four years earlier.

  • James Riches, Journalist Twitter shares Olympic stats
    Posted - 14th August 2012 in Internet News
    by James Riches, for theEword

    Twitter attracted over 150 million tweets during the London 2012 Olympics, as fans and athletes alike shared in the experience. The micro-blogging site has now revealed the ten athletes who attracted more than one million tweets, as well as some of the most discussed events.

  • Rachel Hand, Journalist Google algorithm now punishes content pirates
    Posted - 13th August 2012 in SEO
    by Rachel Hand, for theEword

    Google's search algorithm has been tweaked to punish pirates. Starting today, the number of copyright removal notices Google receives for a domain or URL will have a negative effect on its rankings. However, the pirate penalty will not affect certain sites including the Google-owned YouTube.

  • Lauren Knowles, Journalist Google hit by record FTC fine
    Posted - 10th August 2012 in SEO
    by Lauren Knowles, for theEword

    The FTC has ordered Google to pay a record fine after breaching its 20 year privacy order. It has been discovered that the search engine giant has been overriding Safari protections to track the online behaviour of Apple iPad and iPhone users.

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