• James Riches, Journalist Companies target Paralympic ad spots
    Posted - 22nd August 2012 in Internet News
    by James Riches, for theEword

    Following the success of the London 2012 Olympics, it seems many companies are now seeing the Paralympics as a great chance to put their brand forward. Channel 4's television coverage has many advertising spots available, and around 50 businesses are thought to be bidding.

  • Rachel Hand, Journalist Apple becomes most valuable company ever
    Posted - 21st August 2012 in Internet News
    by Rachel Hand, for theEword

    Apple shares climbed to $644 on Monday, which sets the company's valuation at $623bn (£397bn). This makes Apple the most valuable company of all time, beating the record set by Microsoft during the 1999 tech boom.

  • James Riches, Journalist Google anti-piracy plan reaction
    Posted - 20th August 2012 in SEO
    by James Riches, for theEword

    Google's anti-piracy plans mean that any site which consistently attracts copyright infringement claims will be penalised on search results pages. However, owners of two of the sites set to be affected believe that their traffic will not suffer unduly as a result.

  • Richard Frost, Journalist Google Voice Search expands
    Posted - 17th August 2012 in SEO
    by Richard Frost, for theEword

    Google Voice Search can now support 42 languages, after another 13 were added. Android users can try out the new languages by downloading the free Google Play app. This expansion poses a significant threat to Apple's much-hyped voice recognition tool Siri.

  • James Riches, Journalist Apple and Samsung told to settle by judge
    Posted - 16th August 2012 in Design
    by James Riches, for theEword

    Apple and Samsung's patent trial has taken another twist as the judge tells them to try and reach a settlement. Lucy Koh advised the pair against letting the jury decide the outcome of their case, with both running out of time to cross-examine witnesses.

  • Richard Frost, Journalist Google dissects London 2012
    Posted - 15th August 2012 in SEO
    by Richard Frost, for theEword

    London 2012 was 'the most wired Games ever', according to Google. The search engine giant has published traffic figures showing a huge rise in Jamaican track and field searches and a significant spike in US swimming searches compared to four years earlier.

  • James Riches, Journalist Twitter shares Olympic stats
    Posted - 14th August 2012 in Internet News
    by James Riches, for theEword

    Twitter attracted over 150 million tweets during the London 2012 Olympics, as fans and athletes alike shared in the experience. The micro-blogging site has now revealed the ten athletes who attracted more than one million tweets, as well as some of the most discussed events.

  • Rachel Hand, Journalist Google algorithm now punishes content pirates
    Posted - 13th August 2012 in SEO
    by Rachel Hand, for theEword

    Google's search algorithm has been tweaked to punish pirates. Starting today, the number of copyright removal notices Google receives for a domain or URL will have a negative effect on its rankings. However, the pirate penalty will not affect certain sites including the Google-owned YouTube.

  • Lauren Knowles, Journalist Google hit by record FTC fine
    Posted - 10th August 2012 in SEO
    by Lauren Knowles, for theEword

    The FTC has ordered Google to pay a record fine after breaching its 20 year privacy order. It has been discovered that the search engine giant has been overriding Safari protections to track the online behaviour of Apple iPad and iPhone users.

  • James Riches, Journalist Starbucks invests in Square
    Posted - 9th August 2012 in Mobile Marketing
    by James Riches, for theEword

    Starbucks customers will soon be able to pay for coffee using their smartphone, after the company signed a $25 million (£16 million) deal with electronic payment service Square. The new method will be made available in the autumn.

  • Richard Frost, Journalist London 2012 mobile search stats
    Posted - 8th August 2012 in Mobile Marketing
    by Richard Frost, for theEword

    London 2012 is the 'first multi-screen Olympics', according to Google. The search engine giant has published data showing that mobile search traffic around the Games is up ten-fold on the previous week, with Japan, the US and the UK leading the charge.

  • James Riches, Journalist Wikipedia downed by damaged cables
    Posted - 7th August 2012 in Internet News
    by James Riches, for theEword

    Wikipedia was inaccessible for around two hours on Monday after damaged cables affected its Florida server. Foul play has been ruled out by the company, but it remains unclear what caused the cables to be cut.

  • Rachel Hand, Journalist Curiosity tweets from Mars
    Posted - 6th August 2012 in Social Media
    by Rachel Hand, for theEword

    The NASA Curiosity Rover landed on the surface of Mars early this morning. The robot will be exploring the planet for the next two years, and is using Twitter to share news and images with followers, the first of which were tweeted today.

  • Lauren Knowles, Journalist Nokia partners with Groupon
    Posted - 3rd August 2012 in Mobile Marketing
    by Lauren Knowles, for theEword

    Nokia has partnered with Groupon. In an attempt to turn around declining sales, the Nokia Lumia smartphone will contain local daily deals on its map. The inclusion of Groupon highlights Nokia's aim to monetize its location platform, which can also be found on social networks Foursquare and Yandex.

  • Lauren Knowles, Journalist Facebook loses its top talent
    Posted - 2nd August 2012 in Social Media
    by Lauren Knowles, for theEword

    Following its IPO in May, a number of top employees have chosen to leave Facebook. Yesterday, another three announced that they would be departing from the social network. The news has caused investors to worry further about the future of Facebook as it has faced a number of problems since its initial public offering.

  • Richard Frost, Journalist Outlook preview launched
    Posted - 1st August 2012 in Design
    by Richard Frost, for theEword

    A preview of Outlook.com has been launched by Microsoft. The design of the new webmail service includes a number of unique selling points, including no display ads and more space for messages. Microsoft's Chris Jones described it as a 'fresh look at email'.

  • Richard Frost, Journalist Ambush marketing triumphs at Olympics
    Posted - 31st July 2012 in Copywriting
    by Richard Frost, for theEword

    Businesses are coming up with ingenious ways to navigate the restrictive Olympic branding guidelines using ambush marketing. Specsavers have produced posters in Korean that make reference to one of competition's biggest gaffes, while Paddy Power devised an ad campaign around a separate athletics event in London.

  • Rachel Hand, Journalist Apple v Samsung patents court case starts today
    Posted - 30th July 2012 in Design
    by Rachel Hand, for theEword

    Samsung and Apple will be squaring up in a US courtroom today as their battle over smartphone patents reaches fever pitch. The chosen jury members will have to decide whether either company copied the other, with billions of dollars in fines and sales at stake.

  • Lauren Knowles, Journalist Facebook smartphone launch rumours
    Posted - 27th July 2012 in Social Media
    by Lauren Knowles, for theEword

    Facebook smartphone rumours have resurfaced. It has been suggested that the social network is continuing to work alongside HTC, following its 'Buffy' smartphone project last year. It is thought that the company has even poached former Apple designers and engineers to help develop the smartphone.

  • James Riches, Journalist Internet ad spending higher than expected
    Posted - 26th July 2012 in PPC
    by James Riches, for theEword

    In 2011, media analysts GroupM predicted a 16 per cent rise in internet ad spending. They have now revised this prediction to 18 per cent, with print media suffering the biggest dip in advertising investment.

  • Richard Frost, Journalist Apple sales prove underwhelming
    Posted - 25th July 2012 in Internet News
    by Richard Frost, for theEword

    Apple has published its latest quarterly financial results, which show a 21 per cent growth in profits and a 22 per cent rise in revenue. Nevertheless, the figures have come as a blow to investors who were hoping for significantly higher iPhone sales.

  • James Riches, Journalist UK 4G rollout delay
    Posted - 24th July 2012 in Internet News
    by James Riches, for theEword

    There will be no auction of UK 4G bandwidth until 2013 at the earliest, according to telecommunications regulator Ofcom. The organisation has denied that this represents a further delay to their original plan to run an auction by June 2012.

  • Rachel Hand, Journalist Google tops July 2012 search engine market
    Posted - 23rd July 2012 in SEO
    by Rachel Hand, for theEword

    StatCounter Global Stats has published the UK search engine market share data for July 2012. The figures show Google is still leading by a long way despite a drop on last month, while Bing is steadily gaining.

  • Lauren Knowles, Journalist Nokia admits to smartphone blunder
    Posted - 20th July 2012 in Mobile Marketing
    by Lauren Knowles, for theEword

    Frank Nuovo, former designer at Nokia, reveals how the company could have led the smartphone market. Despite spending $40 billion of research, Nokia never brought its smartphone or tablet ideas to market, a mistake that has cost the company dearly.

  • James Riches, Journalist Apple must say Samsung did not copy
    Posted - 19th July 2012 in Mobile Marketing
    by James Riches, for theEword

    Apple will be forced to display adverts on its UK website and in the media that say Samsung 'did not copy' its iPad design for their Galaxy Tab 10.1. The high court ruling comes just a week after a judge rejected Apple's infringement claims.

  • James Riches, Journalist World Bank study says 75 per cent now have a mobile
    Posted - 18th July 2012 in Mobile Marketing
    by James Riches, for theEword

    A World Bank study indicates that 75 per cent of the planet's population now has access to a mobile phone, up from one billion in 2000 to six billion in 2012. Much of this increase can be found in developing countries.

  • Richard Frost, Journalist Yahoo poaches Google star
    Posted - 17th July 2012 in SEO
    by Richard Frost, for theEword

    Former Google executive Marissa Mayer has agreed to become Yahoo's new CEO. While at Google, she was responsible for overseeing products like local search, Google Earth, Google Maps and Google Street View. She is also credited with helping to shape the look of Google's homepage.

  • Rachel Hand, Journalist Microsoft ends sixteen year partnership with NBC
    Posted - 16th July 2012 in Internet News
    by Rachel Hand, for theEword

    MSNBC.com was a joint venture established by Microsoft and media giant NBC in 1996. Today it was revealed Microsoft has sold its 50 per cent stake in the digital network for a reported $300 million. The site has now been renamed NBCNews.com.

  • Lauren Knowles, Journalist Yahoo passwords hacked
    Posted - 13th July 2012 in Internet News
    by Lauren Knowles, for theEword

    Over 450,000 password and usernames have been stolen from Yahoo. During a security breach, hacker group D33ds Company used an SQL injection to take passwords, which were then posted online. It is thought that Google, Microsoft and AOL services have also been compromised.

  • James Riches, Journalist O2 network failure enters second day
    Posted - 12th July 2012 in Mobile Marketing
    by James Riches, for theEword

    O2's network failure has continued into a second day, as hundreds of thousands reported a loss of coverage. The problem is down to a fault with the way some numbers are registered on the network, with engineers working through the night to find a solution.

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