• James Riches, Journalist Apple must say Samsung did not copy
    Posted - 19th July 2012 in Mobile Marketing
    by James Riches, for theEword

    Apple will be forced to display adverts on its UK website and in the media that say Samsung 'did not copy' its iPad design for their Galaxy Tab 10.1. The high court ruling comes just a week after a judge rejected Apple's infringement claims.

  • James Riches, Journalist World Bank study says 75 per cent now have a mobile
    Posted - 18th July 2012 in Mobile Marketing
    by James Riches, for theEword

    A World Bank study indicates that 75 per cent of the planet's population now has access to a mobile phone, up from one billion in 2000 to six billion in 2012. Much of this increase can be found in developing countries.

  • Richard Frost, Journalist Yahoo poaches Google star
    Posted - 17th July 2012 in SEO
    by Richard Frost, for theEword

    Former Google executive Marissa Mayer has agreed to become Yahoo's new CEO. While at Google, she was responsible for overseeing products like local search, Google Earth, Google Maps and Google Street View. She is also credited with helping to shape the look of Google's homepage.

  • Rachel Hand, Journalist Microsoft ends sixteen year partnership with NBC
    Posted - 16th July 2012 in Internet News
    by Rachel Hand, for theEword

    MSNBC.com was a joint venture established by Microsoft and media giant NBC in 1996. Today it was revealed Microsoft has sold its 50 per cent stake in the digital network for a reported $300 million. The site has now been renamed NBCNews.com.

  • Lauren Knowles, Journalist Yahoo passwords hacked
    Posted - 13th July 2012 in Internet News
    by Lauren Knowles, for theEword

    Over 450,000 password and usernames have been stolen from Yahoo. During a security breach, hacker group D33ds Company used an SQL injection to take passwords, which were then posted online. It is thought that Google, Microsoft and AOL services have also been compromised.

  • James Riches, Journalist O2 network failure enters second day
    Posted - 12th July 2012 in Mobile Marketing
    by James Riches, for theEword

    O2's network failure has continued into a second day, as hundreds of thousands reported a loss of coverage. The problem is down to a fault with the way some numbers are registered on the network, with engineers working through the night to find a solution.

  • Richard Frost, Journalist Google Plus for iPad launches
    Posted - 11th July 2012 in Mobile Marketing
    by Richard Frost, for theEword

    Google has launched a tablet-specific app for its flagship social network. Google+ for iPad features enhanced styling of posts in the news stream, while also making it easier for tablet users to post comments and share content. At the same time, the company has improved its Google+ for iPhone app.

  • James Riches, Journalist UK leads European online figures
    Posted - 10th July 2012 in Internet News
    by James Riches, for theEword

    A flagship study from Mediascope Europe shows a far greater percentage of UK internet users than across Europe as a whole. The report also looks at smartphone and tablet use, as well as studying the importance of implementing a good online advertising strategy.

  • Rachel Hand, Journalist FBI to shut down servers in DNSChanger virus war
    Posted - 9th July 2012 in Internet News
    by Rachel Hand, for theEword

    In an attempt to terminate the DNSChanger malware that has earned cyber criminals millions of pounds, the FBI is shutting down several servers. However, an estimated 300,000 computers that use these servers will be left without internet access from 5am today.

  • Lauren Knowles, Journalist Samsung to see sales surge
    Posted - 6th July 2012 in Mobile Marketing
    by Lauren Knowles, for theEword

    Samsung has predicted that profits will rise in the second quarter as a result of surging smartphone sales. The South Korean manufacturer believes that profits will rise regardless of an expected iPhone launch, current Apple patent issues along with the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab US ban.

  • James Riches, Journalist Microsoft Surface is most shared June advert
    Posted - 5th July 2012 in Mobile Marketing
    by James Riches, for theEword

    The advert for Microsoft's new surface tablet was the most shared campaign in June, with over 250,000 people passing it on. This was more than ten times the amount of shares achieved by Apple's new Macbook ad and Samsung's Galaxy S III.

  • Richard Frost, Journalist Apple tops smartphone figures
    Posted - 4th July 2012 in Mobile Marketing
    by Richard Frost, for theEword

    Apple has emerged best from the latest set of US smartphone market share statistics. Strong iPhone sales mean that the company's share grew by 1.7 per cent, while Google also posted a significant rise. These gains come at the expense of RIM and Symbian.

  • James Riches, Journalist Google prepared to settle EU dispute
    Posted - 3rd July 2012 in SEO
    by James Riches, for theEword

    Google has offered the EU a resolution to its ongoing antitrust investigation, in which the company is accused of favouring its own sites over competitors, giving Google AdWords an unfair advantage over other advertising campaign trackers and using third-party content without permission.

  • Rachel Hand, Journalist Bing Disavow Links tool confuses SEO industry
    Posted - 2nd July 2012 in SEO
    by Rachel Hand, for theEword

    Google was expected to launch a tool to disavow spammy links after hints from Matt Cutts last month. Now it seems Bing has beaten them to it, launching the Disavow Links tool last week - although its reasons for doing so are not yet clear.

  • Lauren Knowles, Journalist RIM suffers another financial setback
    Posted - 29th June 2012 in Mobile Marketing
    by Lauren Knowles, for theEword

    Research In Motion (RIM) has announced its financial results, showing a revenue dip that is even worse than expected. The Q1 results are just one factor in RIM's deterioration as the BlackBerry manufacturer has also announced 5000 job cuts and BlackBerry 10 delays.

  • James Riches, Journalist Google explains Android 4.1 update
    Posted - 28th June 2012 in SEO
    by James Riches, for theEword

    Google's Android 4.1 has been officially unveiled, including several new features that will change the way mobile search results are presented. The biggest development is Google Now, which will take information it already knows about users to create tailored feedback.

  • Richard Frost, Journalist US judge bans Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
    Posted - 27th June 2012 in Design
    by Richard Frost, for theEword

    A judge has ruled that Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 cannot be sold in the US after rival Apple complained it had infringed design patents associated with the iPad. Samsung has also claimed that Apple used its patented method for connecting mobile devices to the internet.

  • James Riches, Journalist Microsoft buys Yammer
    Posted - 26th June 2012 in Social Media
    by James Riches, for theEword

    After weeks of rumours, Microsoft has finally announced a deal to buy business social network Yammer for $1.2 billion. The messaging service will be included in Microsoft's Office programme, alongside other acquisitions such as Skype.

  • James Riches, Journalist Google TV for July UK launch
    Posted - 25th June 2012 in Design
    by James Riches, for theEword

    Google TV will be sold in the UK from July, allowing viewers to use familiar Android software and access content via YouTube. However, the device will cost twice as much as Apple's equivalent product, and Google's first attempt at a television launch in 2010 was less than successful.

  • Lauren Knowles, Journalist Twitter hit by a cascading bug
    Posted - 22nd June 2012 in Social Media
    by Lauren Knowles, for theEword

    Twitter has announced that its recent prolonged outage was caused by a cascading bug. While hacking group UGNazi has claimed that it caused the downtime, Twitter has confirmed that this was not the case. This was the first time the site has suffered an outage for more than an hour since October 2011.

  • James Riches, Journalist Google reveals Safe Browsing figures
    Posted - 21st June 2012 in SEO
    by James Riches, for theEword

    Google Safe Browsing has now been running for five years with the aim of protecting users online. The search engine reveals how well it is achieving this goal, and outlines its strategies for combating future threats.

  • Richard Frost, Journalist Windows 8 ads showcased
    Posted - 20th June 2012 in PPC
    by Richard Frost, for theEword

    The marketing community has been given an insight into how ads will be displayed on its forthcoming operating system. In a series of three screenshots, Microsoft has shown how advertising is being placed at the heart of Windows 8 apps.

  • James Riches, Journalist Facebook opens Olympics portal
    Posted - 19th June 2012 in Social Media
    by James Riches, for theEword

    Facebook users can now access a London 2012 Olympics portal, where they can share their photos and get news from official athlete pages. The page will not feature any advertising, and is likely to attract millions of sports fans without tickets to the Games.

  • Rachel Hand, Journalist June search engine market share good for Google
    Posted - 18th June 2012 in SEO
    by Rachel Hand, for theEword

    Experian Hitwise has published the June search engine market share stats for the UK. Results show Google has climbed again in search volume, while Bing, Ask and Yahoo have dropped. Google has made many search quality updates in recent weeks.

  • James Riches, Journalist Google joins Ads Integrity Alliance
    Posted - 15th June 2012 in Internet News
    by James Riches, for theEword

    Google has confirmed it will join other big names such as Facebook and Twitter as part of the Ads Integrity Alliance, an organisation which aims to protect users from potentially harmful 'bad ads' that could threaten their trust in the online advertising market.

  • Liane Baddeley, Journalist Bing updates focus on accuracy
    Posted - 14th June 2012 in SEO
    by Liane Baddeley, for theEword

    Bing continues to chase Google's success by making its response to users' needs more streamlined and focused, including more accurate results for misspelled URLs, recourse links and related searches - as well as sharing news of the updates via its blog.

  • James Riches, Journalist Apple unveils map app
    Posted - 13th June 2012 in Mobile Marketing
    by James Riches, for theEword

    Apple's upcoming iOS6 update will replace Google Maps with its own navigation system. Developed in partnership with Dutch company TomTom, Apple hopes this will allow it to benefit from being able to target advertising based on user location.

  • Liane Baddeley, Journalist Android has 900k activations daily
    Posted - 12th June 2012 in Mobile Marketing
    by Liane Baddeley, for theEword

    The head of Google's Android operating system, Andy Rubin, has outlined his confidence in the business by confirming that he has no plans to leave - despite speculation to the contrary - and also revealing that Android has over 900,000 new activations per day.

  • Lauren Knowles, Journalist Google to face antitrust regulators
    Posted - 11th June 2012 in Internet News
    by Lauren Knowles, for theEword

    Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are scheduled for questioning by US antitrust regulators. The case will pay particular attention as to whether Google ranks itself unfairly in its own SERPs and the advertising rates it offers competitors.

  • Lauren Knowles, Journalist Facebook app store introduced
    Posted - 8th June 2012 in Social Media
    by Lauren Knowles, for theEword

    Facebook has launched its own App Centre, similar to the app store used for the Apple iPhone. The platform allows Facebook members to view the apps that are most used and highly rated by their friends.

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