Nokia joins the smart phone race

Wed 28th of April 2010, filed under Mobile Marketing

Nokia hits back at Apple and Google with new smart phone

With all the hype surrounding the iPhone and the release of the Nexus One, one might be forgiven for thinking that Apple and Google dominate the smart phone industry. A new announcement from Nokia, however, shows that the mobile communications corporation is also attempting to break into the market.

Nokia was previously one of the most successful mobile manufacturers but the release of the iPhone saw Apple soar above Nokia in terms of global handset operating profits in 2009. In an attempt to claw back some control over the market, Nokia has unveiled its own new smart phone - the N8.

The N8 will run on the newly open source Symbian 3 OS. The software enables multi-tasking and multi-touch capabilities as well as offering Facebook and Twitter applications. Though Symbian 3 has been described as?evolutionary, not revolutionar? by CCS Insight analysts, the operating system is currently the most popular smart phone software and retains a loyal following among handset manufacturers.

One of the features which may also make the N8 a serious competitor to the iPhone is the 12 megapixel camera. It boasts a wide-angle 28mm Carl Zeiss lens in conjunction with the largest camera sensor ever incorporated into a mobile phone, thus enabling the N8 to capture HD quality video recordings as well as featuring face recognition and a Xenon flash. With many Apple aficionados naming the iPhone's camera as one of its biggest faults, Nokia has seemingly identified this as an area in which it can lead the field. As analysts have said, the N8 is "a pivotal device [in making] Noki?s high end phones credible again".

Meanwhile, Apple has been making some announcements of its own with the release of iAd - a new in-app ads service which will be of interest to mobile marketing experts. For the first time, users can interact with these ads without quitting the app they viewed it on.

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