Social networking attracts older generation

Mon 13th of July 2009, filed under Social Media

Older women turn to social media

45 per cent of American women over 40 have profiles on social networking sites such as MySpace or Facebook according to an investigation by an internet research firm.

A survey by the American company found that Facebook and MySpace were the most popular sites with more mature female users. Over 40 per cent of the respondents logged into their social network accounts once per day.

The study also discovered that, while the majority of over-40 users used the site to reconnect with old friends, a high proportion of women had a social networking profile as a way to monitor their childre?s activities online.

The investigation also shed light on the activities of older social users. 62 per cent of women over 40 used social networking to talk about products, such as cosmetic ranges and restaurants.

One blogger said of the survey:

?This study has some very valuable information for marketing professionals. First it identifies the places that women frequent online. Marketers should find a way to interact with women?

Young female user habits revealed

Meanwhile, the investigation discovered that younger women were more likely to use social networking as a means to connect with others. 73 per cent of women under 30 said they used Facebook or Twitter to keep in contact with friends and family. It was also found that younger women were more likely to look at consumer-generated content than their older peers (28 per cent compared to 10 per cent).

Younger women also logged into their personal accounts more often than older females. The study found over two-thirds of women under thirty signed into their account on a daily basis.
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