Ovi launches new Orange Wednesdays app

Thu 22nd of July 2010, filed under Mobile Marketing

Orange has launched its popular Orange Wednesdays application on Nokia's Ovi Store. The app, which was made available on Tuesday, gives Nokia users the opportunity to watch trailers, find screening times for films and add reviews. Users can also request and redeem the Orange Wednesdays 2-for-1 cinema voucher directly from the application.

Commenting on the launch, the UK head of marketing for Nokia, John Nichols, said:

"Orange Wednesdays has made a real difference to movie lovers and w?re delighted to bring the Orange Wednesdays app to the Ovi Store."

Ovi, which was launched in 2009, has slowly been making inroads into the application market. Currently available on over 100 mobile devices, Ovi registers almost 1.5 million downloads every 24 hours; mobile marketing analysts have been quick to note the impressive growth of the app platform. Indeed, the company claims that downloads from the store doubled between January and February 2010.

Earlier this year, Nokia underwent a revamp of the Ovi store in an effort to provide users with a more intiuitive format. The March redesign also saw the introduction of handset recognition, a feature which automatically filtered apps only available for specific models.

The growth of Ovi has been in correlation to the increased sales of Nokia smartphones. The company's recent quarterly results revealed the sales of top-range Nokia handsets had increased by 42 per cent over the year. Indeed, the company sold 24.5 million models worldwide in the second quarter of 2010.

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