Hulk Hogan threatens to sue after Twitter remarks

Fri 10th of June 2011, filed under Social Media

Twitter once more at centre of libel case

Social media platform Twitter is again at the centre of a brewing legal battle? this time between two professional wrestlers.

Whereas once Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior would have taunted each other before the cameras of the World Wrestling Federation, they are now battling it out in the Twittersphere, with Hogan threatening to sue the Warrior for remarks made about his personal life.

It wasn't just on Twitter that the Warrior trashed Hogan. He also released a YouTube video preview of an upcoming interview, outlining the claims he would be levelling at the Hogan Knows Best star. According to Hogan, "none of [the accusations] ever happened". He added that Warrior is "out of his mind".

Sports stars compete on Twitter

The reignited rivalry between Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior isn't the only Twitter-based sports story in the news. Journalist Oliver Holt recently published details of a direct message he received from Manchester United footballer Rio Ferdinand.

Ferdinand, upset at comments made by Holt regarding the player's missed drug test and ban in 2004, insulted the Daily Mirror writer privately using the social networking tool.

It shouldn't be too difficult for Ferdinand to drum up support from fans over the incident. He recently surpassed the one million followers mark, and his #stayonyourfeet hashtag has been one of the network's most popular in recent months.

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