UK search engine market grows 35%

Mon 25th of January 2010, filed under SEO

UK search continues to grow

The total number of UK searches has risen by more than a third in the past 12 months, online marketing experts may be interested to know.

According to figures from digital trend tracker comScore, approximately 6.25 billion queries were made by UK residents over the age of 15 in December 2009. That compares to 4.62 billion searches recorded in December 2008? an annual rise of 35 per cent. It means the UK remains the fourth largest country in search terms behind the US, China and Japan respectively.

Looking at the search engine market as a whole, there was a 46 per cent annual hike in queries globally. Some 131.35 billion queries were registered last month, up from 89.71 billion a year earlier. To put this into some sort of context, it equates to 29 million searches per minute.

Extraordinary growth for UK search

Jack Flanagan, executive vice president of comScore, said: "The global search market continues to grow at an extraordinary rate with both highly developed and emerging markets contributing to the strong growth worldwide. Search is clearly becoming a more ubiquitous behaviour among internet users."

Earlier this month, digital analysts The Nielsen Company investigated the US search sector. It found that Google had increased its share of the world's largest search engine market. According to the company's figures, Google claimed 67.3 per cent of all US queries in December 2009, compared to 65.4 per cent in November.

Meanwhile, Yahoo slumped more than a percentage point to 13.3 per cent of the total market. And Microsoft's rebranded search offering Bing dropped from 10.7 per cent to 9.9 per cent, surprising many digital marketing experts because it had grown steadily since launching in June.

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