Designers revamp Yahoo Search

Wed 23rd of September 2009, filed under Design

Designers rebuild Yahoo

Yahoo designers have rolled out some wide-ranging changes as they seek to regain ground lost to Google.

The company road-tested several search engine alterations back in August 2009 and these have now been extended to users across six core markets, including the UK and US.

Design and engineering teams have rewritten much of the underlying code to reduce core page weight and complexity, meaning that the search engine loads pages faster than ever before. By splitting the page into three segments? namely, the search box and page header, the primary content and the rich behaviour? Yahoo also claims to have improved perceived load time.

Yahoo rolls out new features

Meanwhile, the front-end interface has been overhauled in a bid to enhance user experience. So anti-malware and parental control tool SafeSearch has been given greater prominence on the left-hand column along with note-taking software Search Pad. Search Assist has also been added to the column to help users find searches related to their original queries.

Larry Cornett, vice president of consumer products at Yahoo Search, also served notice about further changes on the horizon. "We designed this new page framework so that we can introduce and experiment with new search applications and features faster than before," he said. "Today's launch is just the beginning of innovations to come."

In related news, Yahoo has announced details of the most expensive marketing campaign in the company's history. A £60.92 million campaign will span TV, online and other media across ten countries to promote the level of customisation available on Yahoo. The company hopes to claw back users from Google, which enjoys a 65 per cent market share of the US search market in the latest comScore figures.

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