Grabbing the attention of visitors is just one step away from turning them into customers. To bring in relevant traffic, you'll need engaging content. Your website might be the best-looking in the world but without the words to back up the images - to convey your message and what it is you're promoting - you'll struggle to turn clicks into conversions.

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Search-friendly commercial copywriting

content is kingIs the content on your website tailored towards search engines? It's fine to engage a small number of visitors with well-written copy, but much better if you can attract larger numbers with high-quality, highly optimised content.

theEword offers a bespoke commercial copywriting service, tailored to meet your company's needs. Our team of writers is capable of fulfilling any brief and writing in any field. Whether it's snappy user guides, engaging marketing copy for mail shots or a full website population, we can handle it.

We don't just provide keyword-rich fixed content either - we write everything from news and blogs to digital press releases. Our ethos is that readability should never be sacrificed in favour of search engine visibility and because of this we guarantee that content is optimised for users as well as search engines.

Our copywriting services
  • Fixed content - our team can bring your site to life with engaging fixed content, spanning everything from small snippets to complete site overhauls. We'll also use the latest search tools to identify keywords that will deliver significant commercial returns to your business.
  • News - our team can keep visitors engaged with a regular flow of news articles on your website. We are also more than capable of uploading the content for you.
  • Blogs - our team can build and/or update your company blog. We take ideas and focus from our clients before producing regular blog entries, which keep your visitors both informed and engaged.
  • Digital press releases - our team can produce high-quality digital press releases with links that point users and search engines towards your site. We'll also distribute these via our network of search-friendly article distribution sites.

As part of the service, our content team can upload copy directly to your website either through an XML feed or via your own content management system. This means you don't need to set aside development time to publish the content, freeing up staff to focus on other areas of your business.

SEO copywriting is better with meta

theEword's SEO copywriting service offers more than just plain text. All our work is optimised to include keywords and links, making it as attractive to search engines as it is to potential customers.

We don't stop there. In addition to on-page copy, theEword's SEO copywriting team creates highly optimised meta data, which is another vital aspect of increasing a page's visibility to search engines.

Meta data refers to the 'behind-the-scenes' data that sites and search engines use to organise and define pages. While much of it is not directly visible to users, the influence meta data has on the search process means getting it right should be a top priority. You can have a page of the most wonderfully written prose imaginable, but without the background mechanics to support it - to tell search engines not only that the page exists but also what its purpose is - its impact will be severely lessened. To that end, every member of theEword's SEO copywriting team has been given extensive in-house training to ensure they maintain a firm grasp on the latest best practice regarding meta data.

Planning for success

Websites become more visible and attractive to Google if the search engine can see that there is a regular flow of new content being added, or that the existing content on the site is being continually updated. What this means is that site owners need to have a plan in place to ensure their online presence keeps expanding over time.

We are able to plan, schedule and update your content, taking standard website population tasks to the next level. Our SEO copywriters can use keyword research tools to plan new pages that capitalise on emerging search trends, as well as Google Analytics to identify existing pages that would benefit from extra content. This ensures the growth of your site is managed effectively.

At theEword, we passionately believe that increasing search engine visibility should not mean harming user experience. Our commercial copywriting service can help your site perform better on Google while, crucially, also boosting conversion rates.

For further information on our commercial copywriting service, or to obtain a quote, please contact us or call our business development manager Kleon direct on 0161 877 3898.

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