theEword's PPC services provide a controlled outlet for your advertising spend. Their targeted nature reduces the risk factor associated with other forms of marketing and our expertise will drive a greater volume of visitors to your website, while working hard to improve your site's conversion rate

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Our range of paid services gives you access to tens of thousands of websites, and by carefully optimising your paid campaigns we can achieve success on your behalf. Whether you're interested in Pay Per Click marketing in Google AdWords, or banner advertising within MSN Messenger, we can build the campaign from start to finish, utilising our design team and content team and then monitor, report and optimise the campaign and work within your monthly budgets.

theEword can help if you are are already spending money, by helping you get more for your budget, and can assist businesses who want to try out online marketing by building a controlled, achievable marketing plan that can deliver profitable results.

SEM/PPC advertising

theEword offers a definitive range of closely managed pay per click advertising services, using three main channels: Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN adCenter. The methods we apply include campaign planning, budget control, advanced keyword research, bid management, competitor analysis, advert copywriting and A-B testing. Our services, when combined, will help reduce your cost per aquisition, and by using our expertise in A-B testing we can help drive up the conversion rate of your website. We also provide mobile PPC and display advertising on three key mobile channels.

Display advertising

We run banner campaigns across sites such as MSN, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and a number of other contextually appropriate locations. Our banners are optimised to maximise their impact, and we generate full reports on your behalf. We manage your spend on a monthy basis, drawing together a number of banner suppliers, and mechanisms, under one umbrella product.

Landing page development and testing

We develop 'landing' pages for clients' websites and then direct traffic from advertising towards them. These pages are designed to test visitors' reactions, assessing criteria such as bounce rate and conversions to determine direction for future site pages and marketing messages. We carry out extensive analysis (even down to producing a 'heat map' showing where clicks went on the page) to further optimise clients' sites and increase sales potential.


theEword provides a fully transparent reporting service on required metrics, CPC (cost per click), CPA (cost per acquisition) and website traffic. Our system is clear, concise and, most importantly, honest, meaning clients can always see where money is being spent, and to what effect. Weekly meetings with our directors and project managers, and unlimited access to their time in between, mean our service is one of the most open and accessible available.
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