theEword offers a 'full package' SEO service, from the SEO marketing of your website, to writing the content and new social marketing. We provide services ranging from initial consultancy to fully integrated projects.

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Ssearch Engine OptimisationWhat is search engine optimisation?

In simple terms, search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving your website so that Google views you as a more 'important' source of information than the other sites in your marketplace. If your website has greater credibility, then you will appear higher up in the results pages and receive a greater number of visitors. The key to any good SEO campaign is to target the right keywords, and to achieve success in a timescale that will bring profitability.

Focusing on Profit

All our campaigns begin with analysis of your marketplace, then the build of a feasability study. Even small search engine optimisation campaigns need to be financially justified, so we ascertain just how much traffic SEO would bring in to your site, and the volume of sales you'd expect from those visitors. This gives both parties an understanding of how much impact a good search engine optimisation strategy can make, and the costings involved. Our two-way reporting process allows our clients to feed sales data back to us, allowing us to tweak the SEO campaigns to deliver greater profitability (for example, targetting a particular product that drives a higher margin).

SEO Transparency

As well as providing our clients with daily, shared reporting we're open about costs and what services we provide.

Delivering Solid Results

Our team has been search engine optimising commercially for over ten years, driving millions of visitors to our clients' sites by building solid and sustainable SEO campaigns.

Shared SEO Knowledge

Every business, no matter how distant they are from their own website, will have some impact on the content, design or look and feel of it. theEword offers search engine optimisation bootcamps, designed to give your team an SEO understanding, allowing you to maximise the results from your campaigns by always applying SEO 'best practice' whenever you make a change to your website, or have any type of online partnership.

Search Engine Optimisation processOur SEO Services


theEword offers SEO consultancy on any project. We've worked with companies ranging from start-ups to multi-billion-pound international corporations, assessing existing websites and advising on the creation of new ones. Of course, we don't just stop there - our design and build team will use their expertise and the advice of our SEO specialists to assist.

Search Engine Optimisation

theEword carries out extensive analysis of your market, website and keywords to ensure that your online operations run as effectively as possible. A thorough 'MOT' of your site, looking at everything from content to coding, reveals its current level of optimisation and highlights areas in which possible improvements could be made. We then use this information to make the appropriate changes, maximising visibility to search engines and driving up your sales potential.


Content plays a very important role in SEO and in driving natural traffic to your site. Engaging and relevant text not only attracts visitors to your site but also increases the value placed upon your pages by search engines.

theEword provides a wide range of content, all optimised with the keywords and formatting needed to give it weight in search engine listings. We also offer ongoing content support, continuing to provide a regular supply of copy after the initial population of your site. This maintains keyword spread and keeps websites visible to search engines.


Linkbaiting is a copywriting service designed to maximise your content's attractiveness, with two main benefits. Firstly, attention-grabbing content draws visitors to your website (some of our clients get over 10 per cent of their traffic via pages that we've written for them). Secondly, if the copy is unique, thought-provoking and of a high quality, users are more likely to share it on the internet - effectively marketing your site at no extra cost to you.

Driving traffic via natural search and improving placements in search engine results pages are long-term necessities if your website is to realise its full potential.

The methods outlined above allow theEword to maximise the effectiveness of your online operations and deliver high numbers of visitors - and sales - to your site.

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