Tips for planning and writing evergreen content

Posted - 18th March 2014 in Copywriting

What is evergreen content, and why should it be part of your SEO strategy in 2014?

by Rachel Hand

Cutts explores simple vs scientific content for SEO

Posted - 27th February 2014 in Copywriting

Google's Matt Cutts looks at whether it is best for your content to be easy-to-read or technical.

by Lauren Knowles

Bing says spelling and grammar does affect rankings

Posted - 24th February 2014 in Copywriting

The search engine has suggested that sites containing too many errors are likely to be penalised.

by James Riches

Can Google +1s Boost Your Rankings?

Posted - 23rd August 2013 in Copywriting, Google, Social Media

Moz blog sparks a debate on whether Google +1s are used by the search engine to influence rankings.

by James Riches

Google introduces in-depth search results

Posted - 8th August 2013 in Copywriting

Google users looking for a detailed explanation are set to benefit from the introduction of an 'in-depth' section.

by Ben Dudley

Blogging ideas for your business

Posted - 26th July 2013 in Copywriting

Simple tips for small businesses on coming up with fresh and engaging ideas for their blog posts.

by Rachel Hand

Matt Cutts approves expandable content boxes

Posted - 25th July 2013 in Copywriting

Expandable content will leave website "in good shape", says Matt Cutts.

by Ben Dudley

Essential content considerations

Posted - 25th October 2012 in Copywriting, Design, Google, Search News, SEO

Google has recently updated content-focused algorithms and surveyed mobile users.

by Liane Baddeley

Matt Cutts gives guest blogging the thumbs up

Posted - 10th October 2012 in Copywriting

Some share insightful, high quality content, but sadly others are just "turning the crank".

by Rachel Hand

Ambush marketing triumphs at Olympics

Posted - 31st July 2012 in Copywriting

A number of clever ambush marketing campaigns have already targeted the Olympic Games - and more are expected.

by Richard Frost

ASA reviews record year

Posted - 30th May 2012 in Copywriting

The ASA dealt with a record number of complaints in 2011 after adding online copywriting to its remit.

by Richard Frost

How to avoid Google's over-optimisation penalties

Posted - 25th April 2012 in SEO, Design, Copywriting, Google

Matt CuttsMany online marketers have been nervously checking search rankings ever since Google's ..

by Liane Baddeley

Useful websites engage users

Posted - 12th March 2012 in Copywriting, Online Marketing, Google

In the public sector, the design of Manchester City Council's website hasbeen updated to make ..

by Liane Baddeley

TripAdvisor rapped over website claims

Posted - 1st February 2012 in Copywriting

TripAdvisor has been told to remove 'misleading' and 'unsubstantiated' claims on its website.

by Richard Frost

ASA online copywriting adjudication

Posted - 22nd December 2011 in Copywriting

Online advertisers have been reminded to check claims after the latest judgement from the ASA.

by Richard Frost

Copywriting and the overextended truth

Posted - 5th September 2011 in Copywriting

To embellish or not to embellish? While adverts must persuade consumers to purchase a product, ..

by Lauren Knowles

Copywriting tips for Google Places

Posted - 3rd May 2011 in Copywriting

There are many ways to optimise Google Places pages through commercial copywriting, according to an expert.

by Richard Frost

Pitching your press release a line-by-line email guide

Posted - 18th November 2010 in Copywriting, PR

Knowing how to pitch your press release by email is a vital skill for any press officer. ..

by Richard Frost

theEword Academy - 10 tips to boost your following on social media

Posted - 9th November 2010 in Copywriting, Social Media, Twitter, Social Networking, Facebook, Viral Marketing, theEword Academy

Every organisation dabbles in social media marketing nowadays, or at least it feels that way. ..

by Richard Frost

The 5 key qualities you need to be a successful Press Officer

Posted - 12th October 2010 in Copywriting, Social Media, Twitter, Social Networking, PR

It has been nearly a year since I became the Press Officer at theEword. During that time, there ..

by Richard Frost

The Glamour of Copywriting

Posted - 2nd September 2010 in Copywriting, Online Marketing

I’m not going to say watching Mad Men made me want to be a copywriter – but I’ll admit it ..

by Rachel Hand

How to linkbait in 4 steps

Posted - 10th August 2010 in Copywriting

An SEO professional has published a four-step method to attracting external links.

by Richard Frost

Social Media. Sorted.

Posted - 29th July 2010 in Copywriting, Internet News, Online Marketing, Twitter, Internet, Social Networking, Team News, Technology, Client News, Viral Marketing, Manchester

Social media marketing is important to us here at theEword. We know the discipline may be ..

by Richard Frost

Tips for company blogs revealed

Posted - 21st July 2010 in Copywriting

Article offers copywriting advice for official company blogs

theEweekly Wrap - this week at theEword

Posted - 22nd May 2010 in Copywriting, Weekly Wrap, Online Marketing, Team News, Facebook, Client News

SEO on videoThis week saw the release of theEword video channel on YouTube. The inaugural clips saw ..

by Tom Mason

Customers are key to keyword research

Posted - 26th April 2010 in Copywriting

Keyword research should focus on 'keyphrases' used by customers rather than competitive generics, an SEO expert claims.

by Richard Frost

An introduction to SEO copywriting

Posted - 14th April 2010 in SEO, Copywriting, Team News

Carli Harris, the latest addition to theEword SEO copywriting team, shares her thoughts on her ..

by Carli Harris

Commercial copywriters given ad pointers

Posted - 15th March 2010 in Copywriting

Making simple changes to ads can radically improve ROI. An online marketing analyst has suggested four ways to optimise copy.

by Richard Frost

theEweekly Wrap - Facebook's billions, Welsh anger and the ASA

Posted - 5th March 2010 in SEO, Copywriting, Weekly Wrap, Google, Facebook

Fun with facts and FacebookFacebook made headlines this week after it was estimated the firm would ..

by Tom Mason

ASA to police commercial websites

Posted - 1st March 2010 in Copywriting

The Advertising Standards Authority will regulate copywriting on commercial websites. The organisation already covers emails, text messages, banners, pop-ups and sponsored search listings.

by Richard Frost

Fortune 500 SEO criticised

Posted - 18th February 2010 in Copywriting

Fortune 500 companies are failing to link paid and organic strategies. Only 25 per cent of PPC keywords also rank highly for natural search.

by Richard Frost

theEweekly Wrap - US spelling, market share and China

Posted - 15th January 2010 in SEO, Copywriting, Internet News, Weekly Wrap, Google, Twitter, Social Networking, Search News, Microsoft

World War ZBing and Google came into the firing line this week as both companies began applying ..

by Tom Mason

SEO news - how to find the latest headlines

Posted - 11th January 2010 in SEO, Copywriting, Online Marketing, Twitter, Social Networking

The SEO goalposts are consistently shifting. The search industry continues to evolve and the ..

by Tom Mason

Copywriting hailed in Dixons ad

Posted - 30th December 2009 in Copywriting

The Middle England campaign for has been named one of 2009's top ads. The Independent praised the "sheer quality of its copywriting".

by Richard Frost

Survey underlines need for copywriters

Posted - 20th November 2009 in Copywriting

ASA has drawn attention to the benefits of precise copywriting. Its survey identified non-compliance by 9.2 per cent of health and beauty online ads.

by Richard Frost

Hold the front page - can print newspapers adapt to the online world?

Posted - 10th November 2009 in Copywriting, Internet News, Google, Twitter, Social Networking

Rupert Murdoch, owner of News International, has been known for his occasional outbursts. Murdoch, ..

by Tom Mason

Fresh is best for copywriting

Posted - 3rd November 2009 in Copywriting

Fresh copy is a vital component of SEO best practice. An SEO professional realised his blog was struggling for visibility because it lacked new content.

by Richard Frost

theEweekly Wrap - U2Tube, MCR Blog Awards and Twitter's Google deal

Posted - 23rd October 2009 in SEO, Copywriting, Weekly Wrap, Online Marketing, Google, Social Networking

bird eating spidersBing and Google will begin displaying results from Twitter in search listings ..

by Tom Mason

Super-size vs. Super-skinny

Posted - 15th October 2009 in SEO, Copywriting, theEword Academy

theEword copywriter Tom Mason discusses why bigger is always better when it comes to websitesSize ..

by Tom Mason

ASA ruling shows importance of accuracy

Posted - 14th October 2009 in Copywriting

The need for honesty in commercial copywriting has been underlined after the Advertising Standards Authority banned an Actimel ad for lack of evidence.

by Daniel Nolan

How copywriting builds unique external links

Posted - 17th September 2009 in Copywriting

A corporate link-building strategy can be greatly enhanced by relevant content. Generating back links through article sites is also put under the microscope.

by Richard Frost

Why long-tail searches matter - theEword Academy

Posted - 14th September 2009 in SEO, Design, Copywriting, Search News, theEword Academy

SEO Manchester copywriting employee Tom Mason explains why long-tail queries should be part of ..

by Tom Mason

How Google ranks websites - theEword Academy

Posted - 3rd September 2009 in SEO, Copywriting, Google, theEword Academy

SEO copywriting employee Tom Mason explains how Google orders websites in search results pages. In ..

by Tom Mason

A brief guide to commercial copywriting

Posted - 2nd September 2009 in Copywriting

Quality commercial copywriting will attract repeat visitors and advertisers, according to a web expert. Content must also be unique to interest search engines.

by Richard Frost

SEO copywriting explained

Posted - 28th August 2009 in Copywriting

The secrets of SEO copywriting have been revealed by an industry insider. Keyword placement and title tags are important but readability is deemed essential.

by Richard Frost

SEO copywriting: Whats changed since 2006?

Posted - 4th August 2009 in SEO, Copywriting, Internet, Search News, Technology

My SEO career began in the summer of 2006. I spent 15 months writing news content for a range of ..

by Richard Frost

Meet the team: Richard Frost

Posted - 31st July 2009 in SEO, Copywriting, Team News

Richard Frost is the latest member of theEword team, joining as the newest addition to the ..

by Richard Frost

Tatler most invited list - is the Guardian linkbaiting?

Posted - 20th July 2009 in SEO, Copywriting, Online Marketing, Internet

Here's a lesson in SEO linkbaiting from the Guardian, whose popular fashion and consumer culture ..

by Dan Nolan