Google redesigns its navigation bar and logo

Posted - 20th September 2013 in Design

The search engine giant wants to make movement across Google products seamless and simple.

by Lauren Knowles

Google Plus zooms in on images

Posted - 17th December 2012 in Design, Facebook, Google, Internet News, Online Marketing, Social Media, Social Networking

Images are at the heart of online communities - and therefore an essential part of digital success.

by Liane Baddeley

New look YouTube wants increased subscriptions

Posted - 10th December 2012 in Design

YouTube has updated its layout in order to make it easier for users to subscribe to popular channels.

by James Riches

What's your map app of choice?

Posted - 29th November 2012 in Apple, Design, Google, Technology

Google Maps, Apple Maps and Nokia's Here battle it out to be the best guide.

by Liane Baddeley

Essential content considerations

Posted - 25th October 2012 in Copywriting, Design, Google, Search News, SEO

Google has recently updated content-focused algorithms and surveyed mobile users.

by Liane Baddeley

Apple and Samsung unhappy with trial

Posted - 24th September 2012 in Design

Apple and Samsung are both pushing for more after the outcome of their US patent trial.

by James Riches

Eye-controlled television unveiled

Posted - 3rd September 2012 in Design

The makers of Gaze TV hope to have their product on the market by 2013.

by James Riches

Google, simplicity and research

Posted - 31st August 2012 in Design, Google, Internet, Internet News, Search News, SEO

Is Google's focus on simplicity and popular content making it hard to find obscure information?

by Liane Baddeley

Apple and Samsung told to settle by judge

Posted - 16th August 2012 in Design

The judge in Apple and Samsung's patent trial believes the pair should make peace outside the courtroom.

by James Riches

Outlook preview launched

Posted - 1st August 2012 in Design

Microsoft has launched, a new webmail service aimed at non-corporate users.

by Richard Frost

Apple v Samsung patents court case starts today

Posted - 30th July 2012 in Design

Lots at stake for the warring tech giants in long-awaited jury trial.

by Rachel Hand

Get started in mobile marketing

Posted - 5th July 2012 in Design, Facebook, Mobile Marketing, Online Marketing, SEO, Technology

A mobile website could uncover a new audience for your business.

by Liane Baddeley

US judge bans Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Posted - 27th June 2012 in Design

Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been banned in the US after Apple said it was too similar to the iPad.

by Richard Frost

Google TV for July UK launch

Posted - 25th June 2012 in Design

Google TV is set to hit the UK in July, the first time the product has been available outside the US.

by James Riches

Google Plus Local offers new social angle

Posted - 19th June 2012 in Design, Google, Internet News, Search News, SEO, Social Media

Google+ Local may be the key to making Google+ a genuinely useful service.

by Liane Baddeley

Google speaks out on mobile SEO best practice

Posted - 7th June 2012 in Design

The benefits of responsive web design are extolled by a Google insider.

by Rachel Hand

Knighthood for British Apple designer

Posted - 24th May 2012 in Design

Designer Jonathan Ive has been honoured for his work on the iPad, iPhone and iPod.

by Liane Baddeley

Google Knowledge Graph: Changing the face of search results

Posted - 22nd May 2012 in SEO, Design, Internet News, Google, Search News

Knowledge Graph results for comedian and actor Eddie Izzard are shown on the rightOn 16 May 2012, ..

by Liane Baddeley

Microsoft sales ban in Germany

Posted - 3rd May 2012 in Design

Motorola, which is being taken over by Google, has won a sales ban on Microsoft products in Germany.

by Liane Baddeley

How to avoid Google's over-optimisation penalties

Posted - 25th April 2012 in SEO, Design, Copywriting, Google

Matt CuttsMany online marketers have been nervously checking search rankings ever since Google's ..

by Liane Baddeley

Android apps 4 of the best

Posted - 18th April 2012 in Design, Mobile Marketing, Google, Technology

I no longer ask people whether they have a smartphone. Instead I ask, 'do you have an iPhone, or do ..

by Jennifer Leonard

Google Plus redesign proves controversial

Posted - 12th April 2012 in Design

Google+ has been redesigned - with a number of features controversially borrowed from other social networks.

by Richard Frost

Dominance of iPad set to last

Posted - 11th April 2012 in Design

Industry analysis has revealed that the iPad is likely to remain king of tablets until at least 2016.

by Liane Baddeley

iPad 3 features revealed

Posted - 8th March 2012 in Design

Apple has announced that the much-rumoured iPad 3 is launching imminently.

by Richard Frost

iPad 3 for March launch

Posted - 29th February 2012 in Design

Apple has invited the press to an event on March 7, rumoured to be the unveiling of the new iPad 3.

by Rachel Hand

Mobile web or Responsive Web Design?

Posted - 21st February 2012 in Design, Mobile Marketing, Internet News, Browsers

Same goal, different methodA boom in mobile technology in recent years means that the internet can ..

by Chris Au

Twitter to launch a new version of its site

Posted - 9th December 2011 in Design

Twitter will be launching a new version of its site, which will pay particular attention to social interaction.

by Lauren Knowles

YouTube launches its new homepage

Posted - 2nd December 2011 in Design

The YouTube redesign gives users a more personalised experience on the video sharing site.

by Lauren Knowles

Motion control expected for Apple iTV

Posted - 29th November 2011 in Design

Production of Apple's new TV is reportedly due to commence in February 2012.

by Liane Baddeley

LinkedIn unveils Group Statistics dashboard

Posted - 11th November 2011 in Design

LinkedIn has launched a Group Statistics dashboard to give users greater insight into a group.

by Lauren Knowles

Kindle Fire threatens iPad

Posted - 29th September 2011 in Design

Amazon has unveiled a new tablet - the Kindle Fire - that could pose a threat to the iPad 2.

by Richard Frost

Windows 8 OS unveiled

Posted - 14th September 2011 in Design

The developer preview of the new PC- and tablet-compatible Microsoft OS is now available to download.

by Rachel Hand

Firefox 6.0 launches early

Posted - 15th August 2011 in Design

Mozilla releases the Firefox 6.0 browser update for download ahead of the official launch tomorrow.

by Rachel Hand

Next generation of Apple software is unveiled

Posted - 7th June 2011 in Design

Mac OSX Lion, iOS5, and the long-anticipated iCloud are finally announced at WWDC 2011.

by Rachel Hand

Google rolls out image search with sorting

Posted - 10th May 2011 in Design

New Google Images search options enables users to sort images by subject and obtain more relevant results.

by Nicola Hughes

Facebook takes a third of the US display ad market

Posted - 6th May 2011 in Design

Recent comScore research shows that Facebook's share in the US display ad market has doubled over the past year.

by Nicola Hughes

Facebook to share hardware design secrets

Posted - 8th April 2011 in Design

Facebook launches Open Compute Project to reveal impressive server design secrets to the industry.

by Sarah Barlow

Confusion, frustration, anticipation? It can only be the iPhone 5

Posted - 4th April 2011 in Design, Mobile Marketing, Technology, Apple

Mystery surrounds the release date of the iPhone 5Apple has almost recovered from the dreaded ..

by Jack Titley

Fun with passwords

Posted - 7th February 2011 in Design

Matthew Pettitt is an expert in computer security issues. He was recently placed in the top 12 of ..

by Matthew Pettitt

How-Do you make a mobile site?

Posted - 18th January 2011 in SEO, Design, Mobile Marketing, Internet, Team News, Technology, Manchester, Apple

theEword launches new How-Do mobile site in less than one monthEasier to use, quicker and it takes ..

by Richard Frost

The evolution of CSS

Posted - 6th January 2011 in Design

Web development is a really exciting area to work in for a lot of reasons: it’s varied, it’s ..

by Matthew Pettitt

IE loses top spot

Posted - 5th January 2011 in Design

Internet Explorer is no longer Europe's favourite browser, according to the latest figures.

by Richard Frost

Apple reinvents the Mac

Posted - 21st October 2010 in Design

It has an App store, FaceTime and streamlined casing; but this is most definitely not an iPad.

by Rachel Hand

Xbox Kinect attracts advertisers

Posted - 28th September 2010 in Design

US brands are planning to advertise within Xbox 360 Kinect games.

by Rachel Hand

The Future of Typography and the Web

Posted - 23rd August 2010 in Design

Last week it was announced that Adobe was partnering with Typekit to bring some of Adobe's best and ..

by Rachel Shillcock

theEweekly Wrap - Android, Google and Twitter

Posted - 13th August 2010 in Design, Mobile Marketing, Social Media, Internet News, Weekly Wrap, Google, Twitter, Search News, Technology, Microsoft, Apple, Browsers

Android uprisingApple's iPhone woes continued this week after statistics revealed that ..

by Tom Mason

Essential Elements to Any Website: Part 2

Posted - 10th August 2010 in Design

Last week you saw how important it was to include a header and a content area in your website. This ..

by Rachel Shillcock

Series: Browser Share Experiment

Posted - 25th June 2010 in Design, Browsers

"Which browser are you?" is a question I’m often asked. I have to admit, I used to quite like ..

by Rachel Shillcock

SERPs, heat maps and teamwork

Posted - 8th June 2010 in Design

In case you missed it, Richard Frost wrote a fantastic piece over on the main site last week about ..

by Dan Nolan

Meet the team - Rachel Shillcock, junior designer

Posted - 5th May 2010 in Design, Team News

Meet Rachel Shilllcock, theEword's latest recruit and the newest member of the web design team. ..

by Tom Mason

Nexus One UK launch imminent

Posted - 26th April 2010 in Design, Mobile Marketing, Google, Apple

It may have fallen off the radar somewhat in recent weeks but the Google phone is about to launch ..

by Richard Frost

A guide to iPad ads on Google

Posted - 21st April 2010 in PPC, Design, Mobile Marketing, Online Marketing, Google, Technology

The iPad is the biggest product launch of the last few years. Google is the biggest provider of PPC ..

by Richard Frost

Creative mistakes - Innovative 404 pages

Posted - 31st March 2010 in Design

A 404 error page doesn't just have to be a bland message; theEword creative director Tom Glass ..

by Tom Glass

Nexus One Google's take on online retail

Posted - 6th January 2010 in Design, Mobile Marketing, Google

No prizes for guessing what's the big story of the week. Yesterday, Google finally lifted the lid ..

by Richard Frost

Google browser size tool - popular sites at first glance

Posted - 17th December 2009 in Design, Google, Facebook

As reported this morning in theEword news, Google has launched a dedicated browser size tool. This ..

by Tom Mason

The power of pictures

Posted - 25th November 2009 in PPC, Design, Online Marketing, Google, Search News

Display advertisers will tell you there's nothing quite like an image to convert browsers into ..

by Richard Frost

UK crime map - an open window for web users

Posted - 20th October 2009 in SEO, Design, Internet News, Twitter, Social Networking

Despite its initial teething problems, the launch of the UK crime map has been met with a warm ..

by Tom Mason

Trends in web design: food for the creative brain

Posted - 1st October 2009 in Design, Online Marketing

theEword designer Stephen Dixon looks at some prevalent trends from 2009 and discusses what they ..

by Stephen Dixon

Why long-tail searches matter - theEword Academy

Posted - 14th September 2009 in SEO, Design, Copywriting, Search News, theEword Academy

SEO Manchester copywriting employee Tom Mason explains why long-tail queries should be part of ..

by Tom Mason

Using rich media to enhance a website

Posted - 26th August 2009 in Design, Twitter, Social Networking, Viral Marketing

Nowadays, users expect more from their online experience. Web 2.0 has made individuals greedy for ..

by Tom Mason