Introducing Google Pigeon

Posted - 29th July 2014 in SEO, Search News, Google

A look at Google's latest algorithm update and how it aims to improve local search results.

by James Riches

Can Google +1s Boost Your Rankings?

Posted - 23rd August 2013 in Copywriting, Google, Social Media

Moz blog sparks a debate on whether Google +1s are used by the search engine to influence rankings.

by James Riches

Google plus searches offer marketing chance

Posted - 2nd April 2013 in Google, Online Marketing, Social Media, Social Networking, Viral Marketing

A new addition to Google plus could potentially offer marketers a number of ways to increase the audience for their products.

by Ben Dudley

Google SWOT Analysis: It's All Mobile

Posted - 5th February 2013 in Google, Internet

Why is the search giant's success hampered by their progress in mobile marketing?

by Al Mackin

UK search focus: January

Posted - 1st February 2013 in Google

The UK's most popular January Google search terms revealed, featuring snow, HMV and Big Brother.

by James Riches

More travel choices from Google

Posted - 25th January 2013 in Google, Internet, Search News

Is your travel business listed with Google Hotel Finder? It should be.

by Liane Baddeley

Google Plus zooms in on images

Posted - 17th December 2012 in Design, Facebook, Google, Internet News, Online Marketing, Social Media, Social Networking

Images are at the heart of online communities - and therefore an essential part of digital success.

by Liane Baddeley - what's it worth?

Posted - 1st December 2012 in Google, SEO

How do you value the digital assets of a business? theEword CEO Al Mackin delves deeper in to

by Al Mackin

UK search focus: November

Posted - 30th November 2012 in Google

November's UK search queries feature plenty of celebrities hitting the headlines, as well as various clues that Christmas shopping is underway.

by James Riches

What's your map app of choice?

Posted - 29th November 2012 in Apple, Design, Google, Technology

Google Maps, Apple Maps and Nokia's Here battle it out to be the best guide.

by Liane Baddeley

Essential content considerations

Posted - 25th October 2012 in Copywriting, Design, Google, Search News, SEO

Google has recently updated content-focused algorithms and surveyed mobile users.

by Liane Baddeley

UK's September search story

Posted - 27th September 2012 in Google, Internet News, Search News

Find out what the UK has been searching for online this month, including royal photos, social media hoaxes and the new iPhone 5.

by James Riches

Shifting fortunes for Google and Bing

Posted - 21st September 2012 in Google, Internet, Search News, SEO

Microsoft's Bing is still far behind Google in the search engine world - but it is gaining momentum.

by Liane Baddeley

Google, simplicity and research

Posted - 31st August 2012 in Design, Google, Internet, Internet News, Search News, SEO

Is Google's focus on simplicity and popular content making it hard to find obscure information?

by Liane Baddeley

Facebook vs Google Plus

Posted - 21st August 2012 in Facebook, Google, Mobile Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media

Google+ has quickly accumulated passionate users - but Facebook still has the numbers.

by Liane Baddeley

Online advertising controls

Posted - 30th July 2012 in Google, Online Marketing

Google has introduced Mute This Ad, giving users more control over online campaigns.

by Liane Baddeley

Google spring cleaning continues

Posted - 17th July 2012 in Google, Internet News

Google's July spring clean waves goodbye to Google Video and iGoogle, among others.

by Liane Baddeley

Google Plus Local offers new social angle

Posted - 19th June 2012 in Design, Google, Internet News, Search News, SEO, Social Media

Google+ Local may be the key to making Google+ a genuinely useful service.

by Liane Baddeley

Google Knowledge Graph: Changing the face of search results

Posted - 22nd May 2012 in SEO, Design, Internet News, Google, Search News

Knowledge Graph results for comedian and actor Eddie Izzard are shown on the rightOn 16 May 2012, ..

by Liane Baddeley

Wikipedia reveals differences between Google and Bing

Posted - 10th May 2012 in SEO, Internet News, Google, Search News

Source: Conductor.comDespite a study in February 2012 indicating that Wikipedia pages appear in 99 ..

by Liane Baddeley

How to avoid Google's over-optimisation penalties

Posted - 25th April 2012 in SEO, Design, Copywriting, Google

Matt CuttsMany online marketers have been nervously checking search rankings ever since Google's ..

by Liane Baddeley

Android apps 4 of the best

Posted - 18th April 2012 in Design, Mobile Marketing, Google, Technology

I no longer ask people whether they have a smartphone. Instead I ask, 'do you have an iPhone, or do ..

by Jennifer Leonard

Useful websites engage users

Posted - 12th March 2012 in Copywriting, Online Marketing, Google

In the public sector, the design of Manchester City Council's website hasbeen updated to make ..

by Liane Baddeley

The usual suspects: Predictable Google results

Posted - 14th February 2012 in SEO, Google, Search News

Visibility is everythingA recent study has revealed that internet encyclopedia Wikipedia appears on ..

by Liane Baddeley

Google News and SEO practices

Posted - 16th January 2012 in SEO, Google

Conflicting prioritiesMany people regularly use Google News to access information about current ..

by Liane Baddeley

User trust essential to successful evolution

Posted - 12th December 2011 in Google, Facebook

Shortly after our recent blog post about Google's mysterious fiddling about with its search ..

by Liane Baddeley

Google search changes bug or experiment?

Posted - 29th November 2011 in SEO, Google

If you're a keen Google user, you may have noticed something different about it recently. For a ..

by Liane Baddeley

Google+ Pages can they crack the business profile challenge?

Posted - 15th November 2011 in SEO, Google

A few months after Google+ first appeared for individuals, its Pages for businesses have arrived. ..

by Liane Baddeley

Google+ first impressions - better than Facebook?

Posted - 15th July 2011 in Social Media, Internet News, Google, Social Networking, Facebook

Is Google+ better than Facebook?That's the question being asked by everyone in social media ..

by Richard Frost or which do you prefer?

Posted - 3rd June 2011 in SEO, Google

When the moment strikes and you need to 'google' something, which address do you type into your ..

by Richard Frost