How the voluntary sector can use social media (with examples)

Posted - 12th April 2011 in Social Media, Twitter, Social Networking, Facebook, Manchester, PR

The voluntary sector is always starved of funds. Unfortunately, it costs hundreds of pounds to ..

by Richard Frost

Pitching your press release a line-by-line email guide

Posted - 18th November 2010 in Copywriting, PR

Knowing how to pitch your press release by email is a vital skill for any press officer. ..

by Richard Frost

2010's worst PR blunders and how you can avoid the same mistakes

Posted - 26th October 2010 in Manchester, Apple, PR

Wayne Rooney and the public contract spatWhat happened: Wayne Rooney shocked the football world by ..

by Richard Frost

The 5 key qualities you need to be a successful Press Officer

Posted - 12th October 2010 in Copywriting, Social Media, Twitter, Social Networking, PR

It has been nearly a year since I became the Press Officer at theEword. During that time, there ..

by Richard Frost