Germany wants Google to reveal secret algorithm

Posted - 17th September 2014 in SEO

One critic of Germany's demand says "CEO Larry Page will fight to the death."

by Martin Lindley

Google addresses algorithm update confusion

Posted - 10th September 2014 in SEO

Webmaster trends analyst John Mueller answers concerns around the long-awaited Penguin update.

by James Riches

Google stays put in August 2014 search market share

Posted - 3rd September 2014 in SEO

Google has garnered an 88.82 per cent share of August's UK search market, replicating the figures it achieved in July.

by James Riches

Uber smartphone app banned in Germany

Posted - 2nd September 2014 in SEO

Frankfurt court says the app lacks necessary permissions, and that users could face a fine.

by Martin Lindley

BBC reveals 12 news stories forgotten by Google

Posted - 21st August 2014 in SEO

A dozen BBC pieces from as far back as 2000 have been affected by 'right to be forgotten' requests.

by James Riches

Google names top 10 improvements since 2004

Posted - 20th August 2014 in SEO

Google's head of search divulges his department's biggest milestones since the IPO a decade ago.

by Dan Moores

Google responds to recent SEO extortion emails

Posted - 18th August 2014 in SEO

A negative SEO extortion email has been sent to various website owners and SEO companies.

by Dan Moores

July 2014 UK search engine market share revealed

Posted - 7th August 2014 in SEO

Google sees a small drop in UK search volume in July, as Bing and Yahoo increase.

by James Riches

Google launches News Publisher Center

Posted - 5th August 2014 in SEO

The search engine says the service will help it to discover new content.

by Martin Lindley

Introducing Google Pigeon

Posted - 29th July 2014 in SEO, Search News, Google

A look at Google's latest algorithm update and how it aims to improve local search results.

by James Riches

Google to meet EU privacy groups over link removal

Posted - 24th July 2014 in SEO

Search engine representatives head to Brussels to debate 'right to be forgotten' implications.

by Rachel Hand

Yahoo holds under 10 per cent of US search market

Posted - 21st July 2014 in SEO

Less than 10 per cent of US internet users carry out searches on Yahoo, according to comScore data for June.

by Dan Moores

Bing begins assessing right to be forgotten

Posted - 17th July 2014 in SEO

Microsoft search engine rolls out request form for European users.

by James Riches

Study reveals extent of organic search use

Posted - 9th July 2014 in SEO

A de-indexing experiment by Groupon has revealed that 60% of 'direct' traffic actually comes from organic search.

by Dan Moores

June 2014 search engine market share revealed

Posted - 2nd July 2014 in SEO

The three major search engines have all enjoyed slight gains in volume during June 2014.

by Rachel Hand

Google removes author photos from search

Posted - 27th June 2014 in SEO

What does this change mean for the future of Google Authorship?

by Lauren Knowles

Google sets up warnings for faulty redirects

Posted - 5th June 2014 in SEO

Google to start warning users when search results contain faulty redirects to mobile sites.

by Lauren Knowles

May 2014 search engine market share revealed

Posted - 4th June 2014 in SEO

Google takes a slight dip, while DuckDuckGo appears to gain ground.

by Rachel Hand

Google launches right to be forgotten form

Posted - 30th May 2014 in SEO

European citizens can now request the removal of personal information from search results.

by Lauren Knowles

Google Panda update affects eBay rankings

Posted - 23rd May 2014 in SEO

eBay has seen a large drop in organic rankings after the roll-out of the latest Google Panda update.

by Lauren Knowles

Google rolls out two major algorithm updates

Posted - 21st May 2014 in SEO

The Panda 4.0 update will affect around 7.5 per cent of English search queries, says Google.

by Rachel Hand

Bing vouches for the importance of Schema

Posted - 16th May 2014 in SEO

Schema markup can help search engines better understand and identify content.

by Lauren Knowles

New parents search twice as much as non-parents

Posted - 9th May 2014 in SEO

Parents are increasingly using their mobile devices to find answers to maternity related questions.

by Lauren Knowles

Google up in April search engine market share

Posted - 7th May 2014 in SEO

The UK search stats for April 2014 show further gains for Google, and a dip for Bing.

by Rachel Hand

Google updates its Webmaster Guidelines

Posted - 1st May 2014 in SEO

Google has provided examples of sneaky results to help webmasters recognise these violations

by Lauren Knowles

Matt Cutts reveals the Google title tag policy

Posted - 30th April 2014 in SEO

Google uses three criteria to decide if a title should be used in search results, Matt Cutts reveals.

by Martin Lindley

The key to outranking larger sites

Posted - 25th April 2014 in SEO

How can you get your smaller site to rank higher than well established, big name competitors? As ever, the answer lies in fresh content.

by James Riches

Google adds app content to search worldwide

Posted - 4th April 2014 in SEO

Google first launched this feature in December, but it was only available in the US.

by Lauren Knowles

March 2014 UK search engine market share

Posted - 2nd April 2014 in SEO

Google gains while Bing loses, according to the latest UK search engine volume stats.

by Rachel Hand

Google encrypts searches in China

Posted - 17th March 2014 in SEO

Search encryption will make it difficult for the government to censor and monitor web searches.

by Lauren Knowles

Google confirms that it does use Author Rank

Posted - 14th March 2014 in SEO

Matt Cutts has announced that Author Rank does come into play in Google, particularly for its section of in-depth articles.

by Lauren Knowles

Google notifies users of duplicate business listings

Posted - 7th March 2014 in SEO

Google has run into a duplication issue when upgrading local businesses to the new Google Places dashboard.

by Lauren Knowles

Why visual content matters in 2014

Posted - 26th February 2014 in Online Marketing, SEO

Learn more about what you should be doing to make your visual content as effective as possible.

by Lauren Knowles

An inside look at life at theEword

Posted - 12th December 2013 in SEO

As part of her work on the Agency Life scheme, Manchester Metropolitan University student Rachel Campbell provides a look at life at theEword.

by Ben Dudley

The impact of Hummingbird on the SEO industry

Posted - 27th November 2013 in SEO

Hummingbird reinforces Google's stance on fewer keywords and quality content to the SEO industry.

by Danielle Middleton

How much does a bad backlink affect your website?

Posted - 25th September 2013 in SEO

TheEword looks at what webmasters need to be aware of when it comes to protecting themselves from negative SEO.

by Danielle Middleton

Will the Keyword Planner affect your organic keyword research?

Posted - 12th August 2013 in PPC, SEO

Some Keyword Tool features will be left behind in the shift to the Keyword Planner.

by Lauren Knowles

What if Wikipedia carried advertising?

Posted - 3rd January 2013 in Internet, SEO

Wikipedia In Depth: Analysis and insight on the giant including what would happen if Wikipedia carried adverts.

by Al Mackin - what's it worth?

Posted - 1st December 2012 in Google, SEO

How do you value the digital assets of a business? theEword CEO Al Mackin delves deeper in to

by Al Mackin

Essential content considerations

Posted - 25th October 2012 in Copywriting, Design, Google, Search News, SEO

Google has recently updated content-focused algorithms and surveyed mobile users.

by Liane Baddeley

Shifting fortunes for Google and Bing

Posted - 21st September 2012 in Google, Internet, Search News, SEO

Microsoft's Bing is still far behind Google in the search engine world - but it is gaining momentum.

by Liane Baddeley

Google, simplicity and research

Posted - 31st August 2012 in Design, Google, Internet, Internet News, Search News, SEO

Is Google's focus on simplicity and popular content making it hard to find obscure information?

by Liane Baddeley

Get started in mobile marketing

Posted - 5th July 2012 in Design, Facebook, Mobile Marketing, Online Marketing, SEO, Technology

A mobile website could uncover a new audience for your business.

by Liane Baddeley

Google Plus Local offers new social angle

Posted - 19th June 2012 in Design, Google, Internet News, Search News, SEO, Social Media

Google+ Local may be the key to making Google+ a genuinely useful service.

by Liane Baddeley

Google Knowledge Graph: Changing the face of search results

Posted - 22nd May 2012 in SEO, Design, Internet News, Google, Search News

Knowledge Graph results for comedian and actor Eddie Izzard are shown on the rightOn 16 May 2012, ..

by Liane Baddeley

Wikipedia reveals differences between Google and Bing

Posted - 10th May 2012 in SEO, Internet News, Google, Search News

Source: Conductor.comDespite a study in February 2012 indicating that Wikipedia pages appear in 99 ..

by Liane Baddeley

How to avoid Google's over-optimisation penalties

Posted - 25th April 2012 in SEO, Design, Copywriting, Google

Matt CuttsMany online marketers have been nervously checking search rankings ever since Google's ..

by Liane Baddeley

The usual suspects: Predictable Google results

Posted - 14th February 2012 in SEO, Google, Search News

Visibility is everythingA recent study has revealed that internet encyclopedia Wikipedia appears on ..

by Liane Baddeley

Google News and SEO practices

Posted - 16th January 2012 in SEO, Google

Conflicting prioritiesMany people regularly use Google News to access information about current ..

by Liane Baddeley

Google search changes bug or experiment?

Posted - 29th November 2011 in SEO, Google

If you're a keen Google user, you may have noticed something different about it recently. For a ..

by Liane Baddeley

Google+ Pages can they crack the business profile challenge?

Posted - 15th November 2011 in SEO, Google

A few months after Google+ first appeared for individuals, its Pages for businesses have arrived. ..

by Liane Baddeley or which do you prefer?

Posted - 3rd June 2011 in SEO, Google

When the moment strikes and you need to 'google' something, which address do you type into your ..

by Richard Frost

Building relationships - Bruntwood chooses theEword

Posted - 23rd May 2011 in SEO, PPC, Online Marketing, Client News

It's hard to live or work in the north west without having some awareness of Bruntwood. The ..

by Richard Frost

SEO and the Royal Wedding

Posted - 17th May 2011 in SEO, Google, Search News

We look at who ranked where for the term 'Royal Wedding'All eyes were focused on the Royal Wedding ..

by Michael Thornton

The growth of long tail and Google Instant

Posted - 16th February 2011 in SEO, Internet News, Online Marketing, Google, Internet, Search News, Manchester

More people are searching for long tailsLong tails are less competitive and more likely to ..

by Richard Frost

How-Do you make a mobile site?

Posted - 18th January 2011 in SEO, Design, Mobile Marketing, Internet, Team News, Technology, Manchester, Apple

theEword launches new How-Do mobile site in less than one monthEasier to use, quicker and it takes ..

by Richard Frost

Finding the right keyword alternative

Posted - 6th January 2011 in SEO

Finding the best keywords for your SEO campaign is probably the most important decision in the ..

by Adrian Mursec

Why customer service is even more important in the Digital world

Posted - 22nd November 2010 in SEO, PPC

Customer service is an integral element for the success of a business. With so much choice, it is ..

by Rachel Mackie

The very first Eworkshop

Posted - 17th November 2010 in SEO, Online Marketing, Team News, Manchester

For many organisations, SEO has always been a bit of a grey area. It’s a practice that countless ..

by Kleon West

The pros and cons of WordPress as a CMS

Posted - 25th October 2010 in SEO

WordPress was released in 2003, originally intended for use as a blogging platform. Thanks largely ..

by Adrian Mursec