The World Cup: A Digital round-up

Posted - 13th June 2014 in Social Media, Technology, Weekly Wrap

A look at some of the digital innovations that fans can expect over the course of the World Cup.

by James Riches

What's your map app of choice?

Posted - 29th November 2012 in Apple, Design, Google, Technology

Google Maps, Apple Maps and Nokia's Here battle it out to be the best guide.

by Liane Baddeley

Get started in mobile marketing

Posted - 5th July 2012 in Design, Facebook, Mobile Marketing, Online Marketing, SEO, Technology

A mobile website could uncover a new audience for your business.

by Liane Baddeley

Android apps 4 of the best

Posted - 18th April 2012 in Design, Mobile Marketing, Google, Technology

I no longer ask people whether they have a smartphone. Instead I ask, 'do you have an iPhone, or do ..

by Jennifer Leonard

Confusion, frustration, anticipation? It can only be the iPhone 5

Posted - 4th April 2011 in Design, Mobile Marketing, Technology, Apple

Mystery surrounds the release date of the iPhone 5Apple has almost recovered from the dreaded ..

by Jack Titley

How-Do you make a mobile site?

Posted - 18th January 2011 in SEO, Design, Mobile Marketing, Internet, Team News, Technology, Manchester, Apple

theEword launches new How-Do mobile site in less than one monthEasier to use, quicker and it takes ..

by Richard Frost

Battle of the Smartphones

Posted - 9th December 2010 in Mobile Marketing, Google, Technology, Microsoft, Apple

This week's news that Google has released their latest smartphone, the Nexus S, comes at the end of ..

by Rachel Mackie

theEweekly Wrap - Android, Google and Twitter

Posted - 13th August 2010 in Design, Mobile Marketing, Social Media, Internet News, Weekly Wrap, Google, Twitter, Search News, Technology, Microsoft, Apple, Browsers

Android uprisingApple's iPhone woes continued this week after statistics revealed that ..

by Tom Mason

Social Media. Sorted.

Posted - 29th July 2010 in Copywriting, Internet News, Online Marketing, Twitter, Internet, Social Networking, Team News, Technology, Client News, Viral Marketing, Manchester

Social media marketing is important to us here at theEword. We know the discipline may be ..

by Richard Frost

theEweekly Wrap - Social media day, YouTube, News International

Posted - 2nd July 2010 in SEO, Social Media, Weekly Wrap, Online Marketing, Google, Twitter, Technology, Facebook

Social media dayManchester SEO and social media enthusiasts teamed up this week for the very first ..

by Tom Mason

A guide to iPad ads on Google

Posted - 21st April 2010 in PPC, Design, Mobile Marketing, Online Marketing, Google, Technology

The iPad is the biggest product launch of the last few years. Google is the biggest provider of PPC ..

by Richard Frost

The top WordPress plug-ins

Posted - 3rd March 2010 in SEO, Internet News, Internet, Technology

WordPress is the ideal solution for most people and companies wanting an online presence. It's not ..

by Adrian Mursec

The 5 best technology podcasts

Posted - 24th February 2010 in Technology

I've been getting into podcasts in a big way recently. By offering an enormous range of shows, ..

by Richard Frost

theEweekly wrap - iPad, Google Apps and online sales

Posted - 5th February 2010 in Internet News, Weekly Wrap, Technology

iWant one of thosePopular producer of sleek electronic goods Apple finally unveiled its iPad last ..

by Dan Nolan

theEword Academy - How to create Twitter lists

Posted - 3rd February 2010 in Social Media, Twitter, Social Networking, Technology, theEword Academy

If I could pick out one feature that has transformed my experience of Twitter, it would not be ..

by Richard Frost

The 5 hottest gadgets in 2010

Posted - 13th January 2010 in Google, Technology, Microsoft

Here at theEword, we like to keep tabs on the very latest advances in technology. Without doubt, ..

by Richard Frost

Why the Guardian website breaks records

Posted - 22nd December 2009 in Internet News, Twitter, Internet, Social Networking, Technology

There's been plenty of doom and gloom around the Guardian Media Group (GMG) this year. In March, ..

by Richard Frost

Google Analytics Intelligence gets proactive

Posted - 18th November 2009 in SEO, PPC, Internet News, Online Marketing, Google, Search News, Technology

Google Analytics has started highlighting major changes in traffic patterns. A new tool, Google ..

by Richard Frost

Google Caffeine out of the sandbox

Posted - 11th November 2009 in SEO, Internet News, Google, Internet, Technology

Google Caffeine is on the verge of being rolled out for real searches.In August 2009, Google ..

by Richard Frost

Could online ads save newspapers?

Posted - 12th October 2009 in Internet News, Online Marketing, Google, Internet, Technology

Traditionally, news has always been supported by advertising. Newspapers worked on the assumption ..

by Richard Frost

It's the social media wot won it

Posted - 30th September 2009 in Internet News, Internet, Social Networking, Technology

So the Sun has turned on New Labour. The day after Gordon Brown's keynote speech at the Labour ..

by Richard Frost

Tracking ROI on web 2.0

Posted - 16th September 2009 in Online Marketing, Social Networking, Technology, Viral Marketing

One of the main advantages of digital marketing tactics like PPC and SEO is that returns are ..

by Richard Frost

Orange and T-Mobile merger creates new #1

Posted - 9th September 2009 in Online Marketing, Technology

Mobile marketing analysts are reeling today after news emerged that there may soon be a new number ..

by Richard Frost

Blogging: An emerging sector for digital marketers

Posted - 3rd September 2009 in PPC, Internet News, Online Marketing, Google, Internet, Technology

Blogging is so ubiquitous today that it’s easy to forget how recently it all began. This month ..

by Richard Frost

Buyouts signal new era of targeted social media

Posted - 27th August 2009 in Internet News, Online Marketing, Twitter, Social Networking, Technology, Yahoo

It has been a remarkable period of consolidation in the social media world. Digital marketers have ..

by Richard Frost

The search repercussions of Bing's Wolfram Alpha linkup

Posted - 25th August 2009 in SEO, Internet News, Google, Search News, Technology, Microsoft

Bing has apparently been given permission to use structured data from Wolfram Alpha, which could ..

by Richard Frost

Hollywood reveals blueprint for Twitter marketing

Posted - 24th August 2009 in SEO, Internet News, Twitter, Social Networking, Search News, Technology, Viral Marketing

The effect of social media tools like Twitter is notoriously difficult to quantify but Hollywood ..

by Richard Frost

The Great Google UK SERPs Debate

Posted - 19th August 2009 in SEO, Internet News, Google, Internet, Search News, Technology

Google joins row over irrelevant SERPsThe quality of Google search engine results pages (SERPs) has ..

by Richard Frost

SEO copywriting: Whats changed since 2006?

Posted - 4th August 2009 in SEO, Copywriting, Internet, Search News, Technology

My SEO career began in the summer of 2006. I spent 15 months writing news content for a range of ..

by Richard Frost

Cold, hard facts versus Google

Posted - 1st June 2009 in Search News, Technology

Wolfram Alpha, the 'computational knowledge engine', has been dubbed, by some, as a considerable ..

by Richard Frost