In search of infographic inspiration?

Posted - 6th September 2013 in Viral Marketing

Creating an infographic has become an extremely popular tactic in recent months, this blog offers advice on infographic inspiration.

by Ben Dudley

Google plus searches offer marketing chance

Posted - 2nd April 2013 in Google, Online Marketing, Social Media, Social Networking, Viral Marketing

A new addition to Google plus could potentially offer marketers a number of ways to increase the audience for their products.

by Ben Dudley

Social media marketing for business

Posted - 1st March 2013 in Facebook, Online Marketing, Social Media, Social Networking, Twitter, Viral Marketing

It's easy to get started using Facebook and Twitter to promote your business.

by Liane Baddeley

theEword Academy - 10 tips to boost your following on social media

Posted - 9th November 2010 in Copywriting, Social Media, Twitter, Social Networking, Facebook, Viral Marketing, theEword Academy

Every organisation dabbles in social media marketing nowadays, or at least it feels that way. ..

by Richard Frost

Social Media. Sorted.

Posted - 29th July 2010 in Copywriting, Internet News, Online Marketing, Twitter, Internet, Social Networking, Team News, Technology, Client News, Viral Marketing, Manchester

Social media marketing is important to us here at theEword. We know the discipline may be ..

by Richard Frost

Search engine results celebrities

Posted - 8th June 2010 in SEO, Internet News, Google, Search News, Viral Marketing, Yahoo

Yahoo announced today that they have signed up international football icon David Beckham for a new ..

by Tom Mason

theEword produce first in Hubbub video diary series

Posted - 10th May 2010 in Social Media, Client News, Viral Marketing

As part of its partnership with Hubbub, the Spinningfields-based media, marketing and creative ..

by Tom Mason

CashGordon - The arguments for and against hashtags

Posted - 22nd March 2010 in Social Media, Twitter, Viral Marketing

Today, the Conservative Party launched Cashgordon, the latest site in their online election ..

by Tom Mason

Manchester Copenhagen Rally lessons don't underestimate Twitter

Posted - 9th December 2009 in Online Marketing, Twitter, Internet, Social Networking, Viral Marketing

Yesterday, I braved the wintry conditions to check out the Copenhagen Rally at Manchester Central ..

by Richard Frost

Meet the team - Rachel Holce, online marketing

Posted - 2nd December 2009 in PPC, Online Marketing, Social Networking, Team News, Viral Marketing

theEword blog chats to Rachel, the latest recruit to the Manchester SEO company. Hailing from the ..

by Tom Mason

theEword Academy Why you should schedule updates on Twitter

Posted - 30th November 2009 in Twitter, Social Networking, Viral Marketing, theEword Academy

theEword copywriter Tom Mason explains why it is sometimes better to time your Twitter ..

by Tom Mason

theEweekly Wrap - Twitter, Yahoo slump and Google Analytics Intelligence

Posted - 20th November 2009 in SEO, Internet News, Weekly Wrap, Google, Twitter, Internet, Search News, Microsoft, Viral Marketing, Yahoo

Twitter goes commercialTwitter has hit the headlines with its plan to introduce paid-for accounts. ..

by Richard Frost

Why businesses should play nicely with the Twitterati

Posted - 2nd November 2009 in Twitter, Social Networking, Viral Marketing

Don't panic. Stephen Fry is not going to abandon Twitter. At least, not yet. After a brief outburst ..

by Tom Mason

Tracking ROI on web 2.0

Posted - 16th September 2009 in Online Marketing, Social Networking, Technology, Viral Marketing

One of the main advantages of digital marketing tactics like PPC and SEO is that returns are ..

by Richard Frost

Using rich media to enhance a website

Posted - 26th August 2009 in Design, Twitter, Social Networking, Viral Marketing

Nowadays, users expect more from their online experience. Web 2.0 has made individuals greedy for ..

by Tom Mason

Hollywood reveals blueprint for Twitter marketing

Posted - 24th August 2009 in SEO, Internet News, Twitter, Social Networking, Search News, Technology, Viral Marketing

The effect of social media tools like Twitter is notoriously difficult to quantify but Hollywood ..

by Richard Frost

theEweekly Wrap 31 July 2009

Posted - 31st July 2009 in SEO, Weekly Wrap, Online Marketing, Google, Twitter, Social Networking, Microsoft, Viral Marketing

Premier tweetsTottenham Hotspur footballer Darren Bent is facing disciplinary proceedings after ..

by Tom Mason

theEweekly Wrap 12 July 2009

Posted - 12th July 2009 in Weekly Wrap, Online Marketing, Google, Twitter, Viral Marketing

Chrome Collaboration A number of laptop developers have agreed to produce netbooks which use the ..

by Tom Mason

Social marketing - Twitter and theEword

Posted - 20th May 2009 in Twitter, Social Networking, Viral Marketing

At theEword, we specialise in making social marketing work for our clients. Twitter is the latest ..

by Tom Mason

theEword's favourite viral videos

Posted - 15th May 2009 in Online Marketing, Viral Marketing

A viral marketing campaign requires a certain X Factor in order to be successful. Creating a ..

by Tom Mason