VCAP put in place to combat online piracy - Samsung mocks Apple - Facebook smash Wall Street targets

Posted - 25th July 2014 in Weekly Wrap

Government VCAP aims to beat online piracy, Samsung ad mocks Apple and Facebook stock hits record high.

by Rachel Hand

Emergency data law - French blogger fine - Facebook parking vigilante

Posted - 18th July 2014 in Weekly Wrap

In this week's roundup: Parliament's rushed data law, blogger's search title lawsuit, and one man's Facebook campaign against bad parking.

by Martin Lindley

Matt Cutts goes on leave - World Cup semi-final breaks tweet record - Google releases AdWords Editor 10.5

Posted - 10th July 2014 in Weekly Wrap

Matt Cutts goes on leave, World Cup semi-final causes turbo-tweeting and AdWords Editor 10.5 is introduced.

by Rachel Hand

Google Removal Messages - Facebook Study Probe - Man vs Instagram

Posted - 4th July 2014 in Weekly Wrap

In this week's roundup: Google's removal messages, a Facbook study probe, and Man vs Food star's controversial Instagram comments.

by Martin Lindley

EU bank hit by cyber attack - Google conference kicks off in San Francisco - Suarez bite takes over the Internet

Posted - 25th June 2014 in Weekly Wrap

EU bank is victim of cyber-attack, Luis Suarez memes flood the Internet and Google reveals products at I/O 2014.

by Danielle Middleton

PR Wiki Ethics Pledge - Greater Detail Satellite Images - Internet's Facebook Freakout

Posted - 20th June 2014 in Weekly Wrap

In this week's roundup we talk about Wikipedia edit ethics, powerful new satellite imagery, and the Internet's Facebook freakout.

by Martin Lindley

The World Cup: A Digital round-up

Posted - 13th June 2014 in Social Media, Technology, Weekly Wrap

A look at some of the digital innovations that fans can expect over the course of the World Cup.

by James Riches

US Secret Service and Sarcasm - Turkey Lifts YouTube Ban - Myspace Misses You

Posted - 6th June 2014 in Weekly Wrap

In this week's roundup we talk about US Secret Service's sarcasm detector, Turkey's YouTube return, and Myspace's bid for attention.

by Martin Lindley

Google Self-Driving Car - Post-Post-PC Era - Eat24 Facebook Split

Posted - 28th May 2014 in Weekly Wrap

In this week's roundup we talk about Google's self-driving car, the post-post-PC era, and Facebook and Eat24's open breakup.

by Martin Lindley

ICO responds to Google ruling - Pinterest expands analytics tool - eBay to force users to change passwords

Posted - 22nd May 2014 in Weekly Wrap

ICO responds to EU court Google ruling, Pinterest gives marketers access to its analytics tool and eBay is hacked.

by Danielle Middleton

Google Maps gives public transport info - England footballers get Galaxy S5s - Aardman gets kids programming

Posted - 16th May 2014 in Weekly Wrap

Our weekly roundup looks at a Google Maps addition, Samsung phones for England's World Cup stars and Aardman's programming competition.

by James Riches

Net Neutrality Protest - Antivirus Pronounced Dead - LG Talking Appliances

Posted - 8th May 2014 in Weekly Wrap

In this week's roundup we look at the protest on net neutrality, the death of antivirus, and the LG home appliances which users can talk to.

by Rachel Hand

China banks stop Bitcoin use - Twitter shares at all time low - Facebook introduces new ad service

Posted - 1st May 2014 in Weekly Wrap

China bans Bitcoin, Twitter shares drop despite 119% rise in profits and Facebook announces the Audience Network.

by Danielle Middleton

Google Time Machine - Microsoft Cortana Video - Mark Zuckerberg Waxwork

Posted - 25th April 2014 in Weekly Wrap

This week's roundup shows you Google's Street View 'time machine', a video of Microsoft Cortana, and a waxwork of Mark Zuckerberg.

by Rachel Hand

Cutts addresses error pages - De Castro pay-off revealed - Reactr shares friend responses

Posted - 17th April 2014 in Weekly Wrap

theEweekly Wrap looks at the difference between 404 and 410 errors, De Castro's Yahoo pay-off and new social app Reactr.

by James Riches

Mozilla CEO Drama - Google Robotics Investment - Superfast Mobile Charger

Posted - 11th April 2014 in Weekly Wrap

This week's roundup covers the aftermath of Mozilla's CEO stepdown, Google's robotic investments, and a new superfast phone charger.

by Rachel Hand

Microsoft Cortana -Turkey's Twitter Trouble Over - April Fools Highlights

Posted - 4th April 2014 in Weekly Wrap

This week's roundup covers Microsoft Cortana, lift of Turkey's Twitter ban, and highlights from this year's April Fools.

by Rachel Hand

Apple diversifies emojis - Bitcoin is property - Paltrow and Martin split causes crash

Posted - 26th March 2014 in Weekly Wrap

This week Apple announced it will introduce racially diverse emojis, Bitcoin ruled to be property not currency and crashed.

by Danielle Middleton

Android Wear - End of Twitter @Reply? - Flappy Bird Returns

Posted - 20th March 2014 in Weekly Wrap

This week's roundup covers Google's Android Wear, Twitter's plan to abandon @reply and Flappy Bird's return to the app store.

by Rachel Hand

SXSW Interactive - Internet of Things Investment - Alien Contact Questioned

Posted - 14th March 2014 in Weekly Wrap

This week's roundup includes highlights from SXSW Interactive, details of Internet of Things and questions on alien contact.

by Rachel Hand

Ukraine cyber attacks - Facebook agrees to delete firearms posts - Winklevoss twins buy space trip with Bitcoins

Posted - 6th March 2014 in Weekly Wrap

Our weekly wrap looks at cyber attacks in the Ukraine, Facebook's gun policy and the Winklevoss's Bitcoin purchase.

by Danielle Middleton

Bitcoin in crisis - Summly founder releases Yahoo app - Facebook ditches email addresses

Posted - 28th February 2014 in Weekly Wrap

theEweekly Wrap looks at bother for Bitcoin, app success for Summly's D'Aloisio and Facebook's decision to stop account email addresses.

by James Riches

Whatsapp co-founder rejected by Facebook - New Google Maps is officially revealed - US to gain its first Bitcoin ATMs

Posted - 20th February 2014 in Weekly Wrap

Our weekly wrap looks at the Whatsapp founder who was a Facebook reject, Google Maps make advances and first US Bitcoin ATM.

by Danielle Middleton

Crunchie Awards results - Google UK sales figures - Steve Jobs time capsule found

Posted - 14th February 2014 in Weekly Wrap

Our weekly news roundup looks at the Crunchie Awards, Google's UK sales and Steve Jobs' recently rediscovered time capsule.

by James Riches

Twitter users stagnate - 10 years of Facebook - Apple removes last Bitcoin app

Posted - 6th February 2014 in Weekly Wrap

Twitter reveals third quarter user figures, Facebook celebrates 10th anniversary and Bitcoin wallets removed from the App Store.

by Danielle Middleton

In our weekly look back at some lighter news, we uncover upcoming Super Bowl adverts, a Google Chrome Lego app and how Rome is combating bad parking

Posted - 29th January 2014 in Weekly Wrap

Our weekly review of the news is back once again, this week looking at the Super Bowl, virtual Lego and a new way to beat bad parking.

by Ben Dudley

Introduction of Snaptcha - search volume indicates downfall of Facebook - Bitcoin use rises in London

Posted - 23rd January 2014 in Weekly Wrap

Snap-tcha boosts app security, research indicates decline of Facebook within 3 years and Bitcoin use increases in London.

by Danielle Middleton

CoinyeCoin launches - Smart tech gets closer to home - App Store has 10 billion dollar year

Posted - 9th January 2014 in Weekly Wrap

Kanye inspired virtual currency launched, your home could be getting smarter and the App Store tops $10bn in sales.

by Danielle Middleton

Video advertising introduced on Facebook - Apple's Christmas advert promotes iPhone 5s - Love drone gets couples festive this Christmas

Posted - 19th December 2013 in Weekly Wrap

In this week's news, Facebook introduce video ads, Apple release their Christmas ad and a drone encourages couples to be romantic.

by Ben Dudley

Cutts on guest blogs - Facebook sympathy - #ObamaSelfie

Posted - 13th December 2013 in Weekly Wrap

This week, we look at Matt Cutts' guest post chat, Facebook's sympathetic suggestion and a controversial selfie.

by James Riches