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It’s the social media wot won it

So the Sun has turned on New Labour. The day after Gordon Brown’s keynote speech at the Labour Party Conference 2009, Britain’s top-selling daily led with the headline Labour’s Lost It. Citing failures on law and order, education, health, immigration and foreign policy, the Sun formally anointed David Cameron as its preferred candidate in 2010. […]

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Blueprints go interactive

A new tool enables designers to explore a virtual representation of their models. Using avatars, Archi-Me lets users reshape 3D designs in the first person.

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Eleven things you probably didn’t know about Google

Google marked its 11th birthday yesterday. To celebrate, theEword reveals 11 facts you probably didn’t know about the search engine. 1 Google was originally named ‘BackRub’. According to Stanford University’s David Koller, the ubiquitous moniker by which we know it today was actually born as a result of a simple misspelling. Having settled on the […]

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Google Maps unveils Place Pages

More localised information has been added to Google Maps. Following a major redesign, the application offers a one-stop information portal for cities, businesses and attractions.

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SEO Lessons from history

SEO marketers make a living from predicting the future. What keywords will trend in the coming months? What new search engine algorithms are on the horizon? And what social media portals will we flock to next? Forecasting the future of SEO The truth is no one can be sure what will happen in the next […]

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theEweekly Wrap 25 September 2009

A sideways look at the internet Google has released Sidewiki, a new feature which allows users to leave comments about pages they come across while browsing the internet. Sidewiki gives individuals the opportunity to post their opinions about different websites. User comments are available in a separate window which appears alongside the page in question. […]

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