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My first month as a relationship manager

What makes a good relationship? Trust? Communication? Mutual respect? Bringing your other half the papers and brew in bed on a Sunday morning…? Well, at theEword it’s my job to try and build – and of course maintain – relationships, whether that’s with a prospective new client who is interested in working with us, or […]

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How You Can Take Customers There with PPC

A paid ad for theEword.

You’re really proud of your company – regardless of what your business does, imagine for a second that you sell lovingly-planned holidays to the most beautiful, undiscovered areas of the world, your website is perhaps the most perfectly-designed to ever grace the internet, and your prices are so good they make your accountant weep. There’s […]

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Digital Marketing: Making the Customer Journey Easier

The Consumer Journey - Initial Consideration, Active Evaluation, Purchase and Post-Purchase

No matter what your products or services are, tapping into the way your customers think is central to any marketing campaign. Attracting their attention, encouraging their efforts to make a purchase, developing trust between consumers and your brand. These are all goals to hit along the customer journey as we know it. But where does […]

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"theEword team have been crucial to us achieving record growth in the last financial year"

~ defibshop ~


"theEword understand our market dynamics"

~ Lees Solicitors ~

  Lees Solicitors

"theEword are scrupulously honest and hardworking"

~ Britannia Living ~

  Britannia Living

"theEword consistently go above and beyond"

~ Merlin Entertainments ~

  Merlin Entertainments

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Who loves theEword

Who loves theEword Who loves theEword