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What does Twitter’s latest update really mean for your business?

What’s happening? Twitter are effectively increasing the capacity of tweets by removing certain actions from affecting the 140-character limit. If you want to @ someone or attach an image, these things will no longer impact your character limit. Here’s a more detailed breakdown: Replies:When replying to a Tweet, @names will no longer count toward the 140-character […]

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How to make your content glamorous if your industry isn’t

  It often feels like companies like Disney, Ferrari, Chanel and Quicksilver have it easy when it comes to content marketing. When your industry deals in products or services that are already considered fun, glamorous or interesting, creating content can seem so easy. I mean, who wouldn’t want to find out about behind the scenes […]

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Why content marketing is worth the effort

Content marketing. That seemingly omnipotent realm that marketers can’t stop banging on about. But what exactly is content marketing and what’s all the fuss about? It’s tricky to narrow it down into a single definition, as there are unlimited possibilities and avenues, but the general gist involves creating relevant and valuable content that attracts and […]

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