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What is Great PR?: A Journalist’s Perspective

Paul Hirst, Sports Reporter for The Times, gives a fascinating insight into what makes great PR, the biggest PR mistakes you can make, and how to approach journalists who will help to establish and promote your brand. What Makes for Bad PR? What makes for bad PR is someone who doesn’t know how a journalist […]

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What is the value of outreach and online PR?

“I can’t see the value of this outreach activity.” How many times have you heard this sentence? It’s become the nightmare of any digital marketing agency. Back in the day, PRs used a metric called Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE) for traditional media. This is a calculation of the cost of placing an advertisement the same […]

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Roy Hodgson’s Resignation: A PR Disaster Handled Perfectly

PR is a great way to establish yourself in the media, promote your brand and build long-lasting relationships with journalists. But what should you do if something goes terribly wrong in the public eye? How can your company use PR to recover from widely-reported disasters and mistakes? Paul Hirst, Sports Reporter for The Times, tells […]

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Could you be an expert in your field?

Thought leadership: Establishing your brand as an expert First off, you’re probably thinking “What on earth is a thought leader?” And you’d be forgiven for dismissing it as a bit of modern marketing lingo, along with a million other buzzwords we could probably do without. Yet, hold on a minute. Thought leadership does exactly what […]

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Annoying business buzzwords that deserve to go in the bin

Buzzwords. Bleugh. As a starter for 10, let’s circle back to the actions from our last catch up and work out how to move forward so we’re all on the same page. To many, that sentence is worse than the sound of nails on a chalkboard. Love them or loathe them, our day-to-day working vocabulary […]

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Introducing Google Pigeon

Google has unveiled a new algorithm update aimed at improving local search results. Informally named ‘Pigeon’, its effects are already being felt by US site owners.

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