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Press releases, PR and getting yourself heard in the news

 The Perfect Headline

Do you want everyone to hear about how amazing your business is? About how great your latest product is? All the great stuff you do? And do you want to tell everyone why they should buy from you? Sure you do. Everyone does.

One problem; how do you do it?

Press releases, PR and building relationships with journalists are the best way to see yourself in the media. It’s not easy to do, but do it well and your business will thank you for it.

Get my free press release template

We’ve put together a helpful guide to talk you through every step of a press release, from writing it to contacting the media, and with some useful tips in between.

Before you write the release

Before you put together your release, make sure you take time to consider these points about your business and your story:

The release

Next you need to write your press release. This can often feel like the trickiest part, but you can follow these simple steps to craft the perfect tool to send to the media.


The final step of a press release is outreaching to the media and getting yourself seen and heard. This can be a long and hard process but it’s worth the reward of seeing your business in the press and getting more awareness.

You’re on your way to press release success

You’re ready to start publicising yourself so write your release and get talking to the media. Yes, it can be nerve wracking, but remember you have news to tell and journalists love to hear stories. Good luck!

Why not make your life even easier and download our press release template? Pop your details in the form below and we’ll email it straight over:

So now you’ve nailed the art of writing the perfect press release, what next? Check out our blog on how to pitch to journalists here.

Written by Niamh Spence


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