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Salford Quays

theEword offices are situated at the edge of one of Manchester’s most successful business districts – Salford Quays. The area was originally the site of Salford Docks, and has been rejuvenated through one of the largest urban regeneration projects in the United Kingdom.

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The Salford Quays waterfront is constantly evolving, mirroring the growth of successful companies such as theEword who call it their home. The BBC’s huge MediaCityUK development is one of the main projects currently underway by the waterfront and its completion will herald the dawn of a new commercial era for the region. It is fitting that one of the pioneering sites of 20th century industry should be at the forefront of the UK’s digital media revolution.

Aside from the business core of the Quays, there is a fantastic merging of cultural, retail and leisure facilities around the waterside. Imperial War Museum North, The Lowry Centre, Outlet Mall and a host of restaurants, bars and high quality hotels regularly attract large numbers of visitors from around the country.

The Salford Quays lift bridge (also known as Salford Quays Millennium footbridge) is the stylish engineering feat which links the Lowry complex to Trafford Wharfside. Impressively, it can be raised by 18 metres to accommodate ships and boats which require access to the terminus of the Manchester Ship Canal.

Modern residential apartments dot the Quays landscape and tower over the canal. Fittingly, some of these buildings have been designed in the shape of ship sails – a poignant salute to the former docklands which closed in 1982. Salford Quays provides a great environment for businesses to operate. Close enough to benefit from strong links to Manchester city centre, but far enough away to offer a peaceful atmosphere, the area fosters unrivalled drive, creativity and innovation in the companies situated there.

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